Used by
Gevaudan (employer)
Mecha-Mobsters, Dangan, Barbe Q, Geno-Bat, Fudora, Ash
FlamingoMask, Kamen Rider Ouja, FoxMask, Lazaron, Commander Booker
2 meters
Condorman Character
I will knife you! And knife you! „ 

— Sadler


— Sadler

Sadler (サドラー, Sadler) is a robotic serial killer monster and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Sadler is a tricky, smart, sneaky and cunning chap who loves his job as a hitman. He likes to get things done quickly, but will take as long as he needs to perform his profession as a hitman well.


Debut: Deathtrap! Attack of the Serpent and the Iron Man

Sadler made his first appearance when he was disguised as a man in black and was spying on FlamingoMask as he walked aways in the streets of Yokohama. Sadler then followed him into the streets and then started an attack.

It didn't take long for FlamingoMask to spot an area where a man in black and what appeared to be robotic gangsters were attacking some civilians. Down below, it appeared that the leader of the attack was the man in black, who also appears to be holding up a knife, commanding the robot gangsters. FlamingoMask then hopped into the battle, ordering the man in black and the robot gangsters to halt there attacks on the innocent. The man in black then took of his sunglasses and then turned around to face FlamingoMask; saying that he was expecting FlamingoMask to show up.

FlamingoMask asked what was the man in black what was he talking about, only for the man in black to then reveal that he had organized the attack to gain his attention; a bright flash of light then appeared over the man in black until it faded away, revealing the man in black's true form; the robotic killer Sadler. Sadler then ordered his robot gangsters to attack and open fire at FlamingoMask, which they proceeded to do so. FlamingoMask flew out of the way in time though and then fired his light beam down at several Mecha-Mobsters, blowing some up. Sadler then fired a laser beam at FlamingoMask, missing the first time, but then hitting him the second time; causing FlamingoMask to fly down to the ground.

As FlamingoMask landed down, more Mecha-Mobsters rushed to his area, and fired their laser guns at him. FlamingoMask then created a light shield to deflect the laser blasts back at the Mecha-Mobsters. Then suddenly a metal pipe came in, smashing against a Mecha-Mobster's face. Takeshi came in, laughing wildly while he beat the Mecha-Mobster's face with the pipe, before turning to Salder. Sadler was startled by Takeshi's presence at first, but then figured he could kill him as well. FlamingoMask then hurled his light shield at several Mecha-Mobsters, hitting many down. The fight then got trimmed down, the Mecha-Mobsters heading up to fight against Takeshi and Sadler leaping up to fight off FlamingoMask.

Sadler fought hastily, taking out his umbrella gun and shooting it at FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask then frantically dodged away from the bullets. FlamingoMask retaliated by firing a light orb at Sadler's chest, sending him backwards a little. Sadler got back up and then unexpectedly then fired his a cannonball from his top hat. The cannonball missed FlamingoMask but ended up destroying a building behind him, creating an explosion to occur behind him. FlamingoMask was sent back by the blast. Sadler then fired another a cannonball from his top hat at FlamingoMask's area, creating another wide explosion.

Meanwhile with Taksehi, he continued to fight off the Mecha-Mobsters, and then transformed into his Kamen Rider form; Kamen Rider Ouja. Kamen Rider Ouja continued to wail on the Mecha-Mobsters, destroying them and laughing insanely. Back with FlamingoMask and Sadler, their fight was getting more and more intense; with Sadler slashing his knife at FlamingoMask some more. FlamingoMask retaliated by swinging his Wrecking Flail at Sadler's head, bring Sadler down. FlamingoMask then used his Flamingo Chop attack at Sadler. Sadler was hit badly by the attack and then used his umbrella gun at FlamingoMask. Kamen Ride Ouja was also hit by the rounds of the umbrella gun, but wasn't phased by it much, even reacting to it positively.

FlamingoMask retaliated by firing a Light Orb at Sadler's chest, sending Sadler skidding back. Sadler then got on all fours and then fired his Top Hat Cannon once again, creating a wide explosion in front of both FlamingoMask and Kamen Rider Ouja. Kamen Rider Ouja then cracked his knuckles, discarding his sword, before running directly at Sadler, laughing like a madman. Salder tried firing his Solution Beam at Kamen Rider Ouja, but it was no use, as Kamen Rider Ouja then leaped over the beam and then appeared over Sadler, grabbing him by the throat. Before the two could get any further though, FlamingoMask then leaped in and delivered his powerful Flamingo Kick attack at Sadler, and also Kamen Rider Ouja. Sadler was then sent flying all the ways to a beach, crashing down to the waters, defeating him.

However, little did FlamingoMask know, Sadler was the least of his worries compared to Kamen Rider Ouja....

The Flamingo of Justice vs. The Warrior of the Forgotten

Sadler appeared once again to wreak havoc at Kagoshima this time, but he was quickly stopped by FlamingoMask, who caught up with him and threw him against a tree. Sadler and FlamingoMask then chased each other, with FlamingoMask shooting light beams at him while Sadler ran fastly and kept dodging the beams. Their chase finally ended though once they both reached into an empty field where a big blast of red and purple energy shot them both, causing both of them to fall over the ground. While FlamingoMask began to investigate, Sadler then quietly crawled away, escaping for the time being.

Out Foxed

Sadler appeared again along with Dangan and his group of Mecha-Mobsters to attack the newest assassin known as Lazaron. Sadler wanted to frame Lazaron by having his Mecha-Mobsters disguised as Marines to make him look bad, but FoxMask arrived and didn't but their ploy, as FoxMask and Lazaron soon discovered. Sadler then revealed himself and ordered his Mecha-Mobsters to open fire on the two, however FoxMask then used his shadow attacks against the Mecha-Mobsters and Sadler, sending Sadler flying back and destroying many Mecha-Mobsters. Then Dangan came in and fought against Lazaron; to which Sadler then got back up and admitted while that he was impressed by FoxMask's attack he still wasn't going to give. Sadler and the Mecha-Mobsters then charged against FoxMask.

Sadler shot a venom beam down at FoxMask's area creating an explosion but it didn't phase FoxMask too much. The Mecha-Mobsters then flew in and opened fire, but then FoxMask turned into a darkness of cloud of shadow to which he then materialized behind the horde and blasted his Shadow Cutter attack against the Mecha-Mobsters and Sadler; sending a chop down-right, then down-left, before doing a 360-roundhouse, sending the cross-cut of energy in the air at them. Sadler got out of the way, but the Mecha-Mobsters were destroyed.

Sadler and Dangan then regrouped and traded enemies, to which Sadler then fought against Lazaron instead. Sadler fired a top hat cannonball against Lazaron to which Lazaron then sliced at the cannonball. Salder ran up and charged against Lazaron with his knife, but then Lazaron dueled him with his sword, before then punching him in the gut and grabbing him by the neck. Just as Sadler was about to stab Lazaron in the neck, Lazaron then punched Sadler at hard, sending him flying aways. Sadler then crash-landed elsewhere, defeating him.

Two New Units? Gevaudan's Great Counterattack

Sadler was one of the many assassin kaijin who appeared during Gevaudan's meeting with the other members of the Mecha Galgen Gang to discuss Gevaudan and Salamander's newest plan. Sadler suggested his plan which was simply to knife FlamingoMask in the back while he wasn't looking, to which Gevaudan quickly shot the idea down. It was then revealed that Mecha Galgen Gang would get giant robots made by Dr. Borg to combat FlamingoMask and the Units, that way to even up the score. Sadler was also present to watch the live footage of the fight between FlamingoMask and the Units fight against Garuma and the Steamroller Robot at Kaneohe, Hawaii.

After the end of the fight, Sadler and the other assassin kaijin were displeased with the results. Because of Garuma's fate, Gevaudan would then go on to warn them if they were all to fail too, they would suffer something far worse. Gevaudan then left, leaving Sadler and the other assassin kaijin to their own.

Ash vs. Booker

Sadler briefly appeared in the RP where he, Dangan, Barbe Q, Fudora and Geno-Bat were all on the prowl and attacked Commander Booker, attempting to kill him. Sadler used his human disguise to sneak up and ambush Booker, but Booker knew Sadler was up to no good. Booker kicked Sadler across a water fountain, causing Sadler to ditch his disguise and reveal his true form, then calling out the other assassin kainins to come out of hiding and to attack Booker.

Sadler charged at Booker with his knife, to which Booker then grabbed Sadler and threw him at Dangan, followed up by firing a gun blast at Sadler's left knee, taking down Sadler for a bit. Sadler and the other assassin kaijin then got onto their motorcycles and then took off, heading elsewhere as their mission was not so successful here.


Sadler along with Fudora, Geno-Bat, Barbe Q, and Dangan were later assigned to assist Bullets and Iron Jack to assault FlamingoMask and the Units at Ishinomaki.

Before FlamingoMask and the Units could do any searching for the three missing Units, the Mecha Gang had arrived (specifically, Bullets, Iron Jack, Dangan, Geno-Bat, Sadler, Fudora and Barbe Q) on their motorcycles to hunt down FlamingoMask. Bullets menaced the group for a bit, before then a crossbow bolt nicks at Bullet's horns, then followed up by black dust entering the scene. The rest of the assassin kaijins get up and slowly advance towards FlamingoMask and the Units. FlamingoMask and the Units slowly advances towards as well. Then, out from the shadows, FoxMask appeared, intimidating the Mecha Gang.

Following Fudaro's quick defeat, Sadler then jumped in and fired his Venom Beam at FlamingoMask, causing FlamingoMask to roll over. Just as Sadler rushed at FlamingoMask with his knife, FlamingoMask then swung his Wrecking Flail at Sadler's face, striking him down quickly. FlamingoMask then used Flamingo Barrage against him, to which Sadler then retaliated by firing his Top Hat Cannon against FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask barely avided the blasts and got caught up in the blasts, causing him to roll over.

Sadler then got out his Umbrella Gun and began firing it at FlamingoMask; FlamingoMask then flew up out of the way, then swooping down and performing Flamingo Punch against Sadler, hitting Salder down and defeating him. With only Bullets, Iron Jack and Barbe Q left, the three villains left, with Geno-Bat, Dangan, Fudora and Sadler then retreating as well.

Abilities & Arsenal



  • Knife: Sadler's favorite weapon of use, his trusty knife that he can use to hack and slash at his foes with. It's surprisingly strong enough to withstand against a flail and is can even slice through the hardest of metals. 
  • Throwing Knives: Sadler also has a bunch of smaller knives that he can conjure up and use as throwing knives at his opponents. He appears to have an endless supply of them.
  • Acid:Sadler can shoot out a acidic beam from his fingertips.
  • Wrist Chains: Sadler can summon out chains from both of his arms for combat or to grapple aways.
  • Human Form: Sadler can take on a human form at will for a disguise.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Sadler can jump up to high lengths.
  • Piloting Skills: Sadler is a good pilot and can drive jets with ease.
  • Jet: Sadler has his own jet that he can use to travel with and fly place to place. In his arsenal he can also use;
    • Missiles: Sadler's jet can shoot out missiles at his targets that he can use to blow up or shoot at his foes from down below.
    • Neutron Bomb: Sadler's jet can also drop down a powerful neutron bomb that is capable of vaporizing everything from a few miles away. However, there is only one of these bombs at a time and can only be used sparingly and can also effect himself he is not too careful, so this bomb is not used much.
  • Umbrella Gun: Sadler is armed with an umbrella that appears to look like a regular umbrella at first glance but is actually a gun designed to resemble one. It can shoot put fast and powerful bullets.
  • Top Hat Cannon: Sadler's most powerful weapon, his top hat that he can shoot cannonballs out from.

George Kuroda4

George Kuroda; Sadler's human form

  • Stealth Tactics: In his human form, Sadler is very stealthy, being able to slip in and out of areas undetected.
  • Enhanced Durability: In his human form, Sadler has enhanced durability, being able to survive many gunshots and bullets shot against him, as he is truly metal underneath.
  • Transformation: Sadler can transform into his true form or back into his human disguise at will.


  • Sadler is Gallibon the Destroyer's second Condorman character, coming after Dangan.
  • Originally Sadler was set to be the main villain of his own mini-arc, but this was dropped.
  • He is the first of Gevaudan's hitmen kaijin to take on a human form on-screen.
  • He is so far also the first assassin kaijin to fight FlamingoMask twice, not counting the leaders of the Mecha Gang (Gevaudan, Bullets and Iron Jack) themselves.
    • Interestingly enough, both times he served as a starter villain for the first parts of his respective RPs, whereas after his defeat a more major villain would then appear.
  • He is also the second most appearing of the Mecha Gang's assassin kaijn, having so far a total of five appearances. Salamander is the first, having a total of eight appearances so far.
  • His name is also translated as "Sadora".
  • According to the Condorman website, he is mean't to represent sadism.


Hausu (House) Soundtrack 10 - Oriental Melon Man

Hausu (House) Soundtrack 10 - Oriental Melon Man