Sailor Fighter No. 8
Sailor Fighter 8
Used by
Sailor Fighter (oldest sister)
Sailor Fighter No. 5 (older sister), RyuMask, Mainframe, Kamen Rider Amazon Omega
Ringlem, Narutons
3 (actual age)
18 (mentally and physically)
5' 6'
Global Defense Force
Sailor Fight! Character

Sailor Fighter No. 8 (セーラーファイター8号機 Sailor Fighter Unit 8) is a sailor themed military robot and one of the main characters in Sailor Fight! New WEB (2014). She is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Sailor Fighter No. 8 is the third one built of the Sailor Fighter Units, and is also the one that acts the most independent. Preferring to fight monsters and carry out missions her own way Sailor No. 8 has a different way of doing her missions.

Despite being younger, she will sometimes act more older and mature than her predecessor Sailor Fighter No. 5, as her calm and chill behavior makes her stand out more in contrast to her more emotional and impulsive older sister.


Debut: Terror From the Deep!

In the city of Lobsterville, California, a giant sea spider-esque monster rose from the deep, covered in tiny crystalline thorns, with tiny eyestalks being around its center mass. The giant sea-spider monster known as Ringelm then began to wreak havoc, to which RyuMask, Mainframe and Kamen Rider Amazon Omega. Sailor Fighter No. 8 then drive into the battle with her motorcycle, to fight against the giant sea spider.

Sailor Fighter No. 8 took out her Type 75 Plasma Rifle and opened fired at Ringelm's legs, sending out flares and some goop. As Sailor Fighter No. 8 and Kamen Rider Amazon Omega battled some more, Ringelm then fired very thin streams of flames against the combatants, causing Sailor Fighter No. 8 to rolls away and the other fighters to back aways as well. Sailor Fighter No. 8 then got back into battle and then fired her Plasma Rifle against Ringelm, followed up by Kamen Rider Amazon Omega slashing against Ringelm.

After some more brawling, Ringelm was soon defeated by the combined attacks of Sailor Fighter No. 8's Plasma Rifle blast, Kamen Rider Amazon Omega's Violent Punish and RyuMask's and Mainframe's finisher attacks, destroying Ringelm. With that, the heroes then took off, with Sailor Fighter No. 5 heading back to her motorcycle and then riding away, her work there done.

Abilities & Arsenal

Sailor Fighter 8 Armed

Sailor Fighter No. 8

  • Type 64 Hand Maser: Sailor Fighter No. 8 can use a hand maser gun to shoot out powerful maser blasts against her foes. Unlike her older sister's, her had maser is more powerful in strength. 
  • Type 75 Plasma Rifle: Sailor Fighter No. 8's main weapon of choice, a futuristic looking rifle weapon that she can shoot powerful laser blasts from.
  • Super Strength: Sailor Fighter No. 8 is very strong, capable of even hitting/punching monsters hard even in normal size. While she may not be as strong as her older sister's she is still perfectly capable of holding her ground against other threats.
  • Martial Arts: Sailor Fighter No. 8 is highly skilled in martial arts.
  • Impulse Magnums: Sailor Fighter No. 8 is also equipped with two laser pistols that she can use for combat.


  • Sailor No. 8 is the only one of the main three Sailor Fighter Unit sisters to have the usual weakness of being held back by battery power, due to the fact she was built she was not built with a partner system like her sisters.