Used by
Lushan (best friend), RabanGoji, Skoswa, Gyottos, Zottos, Sugon, Osoros, Kowiko, Rozan, Ulpra, Gfantis
Rekker, Hitodah
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60 meters
100 meters
"Forgotten Monsters", Earth Defenders
Manga Kaiju
Ah hell with it- HERE I COME! „ 

— Saladini charging into battle.

Saladini is an Anguirus and a member of the "Forgotten Monsters". He is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Saladini is a cheerful, upbeat, comical and gung-ho monster, always up and ready for battle and likes to wrestle. He also gets along well with the other Forgotten Monsters and is best friends with Lushan.



Back in the 1950's, Saladini was one of the many monsters that went up to Lushan's Island and became part of the group that later became known as the "Forgotten Monsters", due to the fact they soon fell into obscurity.

Debut: Forgotten Monsters Pt. 1

Saladini feel asleep for a while, as such he was the last Forgotten Monster to meet Rozan and was late to partake in the fight against Rekker and his clique members. Saladini after just waking up decided to join in the fight, but the fight was then over quickly, much to his disappointment, as he didn't get to fight much.

Forgotten Monsters Pt. 2

Saladini helped build the raft for the Rozan, and even tested it out a little. Saladini also participated in the attack against Hitodah, in where he and Gyottos rammed at Hitodah with brute force, managing to knock Hitodah off balance. Saladini was temporarily under Hitodah's mind control when Hitodah sprayed his pink gas at the Forgotten Monsters, causing them to turn against the Godzillans. Saladini was soon freed from the mind control though when it was discovered that coconut milk was the cure for Hitodah's pink gas.

Saladini as well as the other Forgotten Monsters later celebrated after the defeat of Hitodah. Afterwards, Saladini joined on the raft along with the other Forgotten Monsters to help Rozan get back home.


  • Rolling: Can roll up like a ball and hurl himself at his enemies.
  • Spiky Carapace
  • Physical Strength: Saladini doesn't have many special abilities, so he fights tooth and claw against his opponents.


  • His name was thought up of by LSDKama.
  • His name is a pun off of "salads".
  • In some of the illustrations for Rampage Godzilla (1955), his spiky back sometimes appear to look like wings. This is most likely an allusion to the Anguirus suit from Godzilla Raids Again (1955) having complications from the suit, which made it appear to have wings.
  • Saladini is the first member of the Forgotten Monsters to walk on all four legs. Gyottos and Osoros were the latter two.
  • He currently has no theme.