Newbie Goddess of the Mountain, Sanae Kochiya
Used by
Suwako Moriya, Kanako Yasaka, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame
Reimu Hakurei (Formerly)
Human, distantly descended from a goddess
Moriya Shrine
Your petty tricks cannot compare to a walking miracle! „ 

— Sanae

Sanae Kochiya (東風谷 早苗 ?, Kochiya Sanae), is the shrine maiden of Moriya Shrine, and a descendant of Suwako Moriya.


Early Life

Sanae grew up outside of Gensokyo, and thus, is familiar with much of it's culture and such. At some point, she became Moriya Shrine's shrine maiden, serving it's goddess, Kanako Yasaka.

The Mountain of Faith

One day, Kanako, losing followers in the outside world, moved Moriya Shrine, along with Sanae, to Gensokyo in order to gain more followers. Soon after their arrival, Sanae threatened Hakurei Shrine, but Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame soon defeated Sanae, along with Kanako. However, the two shrines have since come to an understanding, and are now allies.

Flandre's Escape

One day, Kamen Rider G4 attacked the Scarlet Devil Mansion. During the battle, Flandre Scarlet managed to escape the basement she had been locked in, and flew off. Sanae was one of the many people gathered to help find Flandre. She was not present when the group investigated the ruins of Chicago, Illinois, or when Flandre was located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Gumuzoo's Assault

Sometime after Flandre escaped, Gensokyo was hit by an artificial earthquake. Sanae used a miracle to cause a huge storm to stop the flow of lava. The earthquake has been traced to Gumuzoo, a sentient monster bent on destroying all life.


Sanae is very confident and energetic, as well as dutiful to her masters. However, this works against her in some ways, with her not being able to think for herself sometimes. She is also familiar with many of the outside world's technology and pop-culture, and sometimes references either. She has a lot of fun battling youkai, and views herself like the hero of a video game or fantasy story.


  • Sky Serpent
  • Cobalt Spread
  • Wind Calling
  • Wave Calling
  • Star Falling
  • Sky-God Summon: Thrust
  • Sky-God Summon: Wind
  • Sky-God Summon: Onbashira
  • Sky-God Summon: Shield
  • Sky-God Summon: Iron Ring
  • Sky-God Summon: Trap
  • Omikuji Bomb
  • Mighty Wind
  • Wind Blast


  • Esoterica "Gray Thaumaturgy"
  • Esoterica "Forgotten Ritual"
  • Esoterica "Secretly Inherited Art of Danmaku"
  • Esoterica "Miracle "Daytime Guest Stars"
  • Miracle "Night with Bright Guest Stars"
  • Miracle "Night with Overly Bright Guest Stars"
  • Sea Opening "The Day the Sea Split"
  • Sea Opening "Moses's Miracle"
  • Preparation "Star Ritual to Call the Godly Winds"
  • Preparation "Summon Takeminakata"
  • Miracle "God's Wind"
  • Great Miracle "Yasaka's Divine Wind"
  • Esoterica "Nine Syllable Stabs"
  • Miracle "Miracle Fruit"
  • Divine Virtue "Bumper Crop Rice Shower"
  • Snake Sign "Orochi of Ancient Times"
  • Wily Toad
  • Frog Sign "Wily Toad"
  • Prayer "Charm of Good Commerce"
  • Omikuji "Random Omikuji Barrage"
  • Snake Sign "Great Snake Swimming in the Clouds"
  • Miracle "Miracle of Fafrotskies"
  • Miracle "Divine Wind of the Kouan Era"
  • Youkai Extermination "Bewitching Power Spoiler"
  • Snake Sign "Bind Snake Come On"
  • Snake Sign "Green Snake Come On"

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