Used by
Lord Vehk
Godzilla, Gamera, Kamen Rider Agito, Gamera's daughter
Gaira, Gyaos swarm, MusuGoji (temporarily)
50 meters
Not Available
Earth Defenders
Toho Character

Sanda (サンダ Sanda) is a Frankenstein-spawn kaijin and an RP character used by Lord Vehk.


Sanda was first seen trying to stop his brother Gaira from eating people in Tokyo, only for them to end up fighting again. They battled their way into the sea once again, where Sanda was able to sedate his brother with his toxic breath long enough for him to bind Gaira up in wires and carry him to the bottom of the ocean, effectively leaving him in exile. Shortly thereafter he would go to Monster Island, where he faced MusuGoji in a quick bout which ended with both parties injured, ending in a tie. Sanda was next spotted near Gamera's cave on the island where a swarm of Gyaos had begun to descend on the island. He helped to fight them off, only for the Gyaos swarm to flee when the sun came up.


Sanda has been shown to be peaceful when idle, and has shown himself to not want to fight other kaiju when he doesn't have to. He also went great lengths to try and stop Gaira from eating people, even halting their fight to reason with his blood-crazed brother, only to be continuously attacked before finally fighting back again.


  • Regeneration: Like his brother, Sanda displays enhanced regeneration, being able to completely grow back from just a few of Frankenstein's cells.
  • Genius Intellect: Sanda has human-like intelligence.
  • Strength: Sanda is very strong.


  • Sanda is very similar personality-wise to the monster that spawned him, Frankenstein. Due to being raised by humans, both monsters are gentle towards humans, and risk their lives to battle monsters that threaten humans.

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