Scorpia Wyrm Manda
Scorpia NEW
Used by
Sucho, Gira, her brother, Ant Lion, Neo Titanosaurus, others
Crystalleon, Gemtigre, others
150 meters (standing on two legs, not counting tail)
300 meters
Earth Defenders, Bandits
Toho/Fanon hybrid
Hello there. I remember who you are. You're that bastard who tried to take our home. I have something to tell you, asshole. Over my dead body. LONG LIVE THE RESISTANCE! „ 

— Scorpia to Crystalleon before her battle with him.

Scorpia Wyrm Manda is the leader of the Desert Resistance Bandits.


Scorpia was originally from a wealthy family in Texas. On one of their trips, they visited the desert. However, bandits murdered her parents and took her away. She was trained to become a bandit like them, and did so. Scorpia eventually progressed to the leader of the bandits.

As leader of the bandits, it was her job to make sure the desert stayed their territory. Eventually, a Spanish dictator known as Crystalleon invaded the desert. Scorpia and her fellow bandits fought against the threat, but were defeated. Eventually, Sucho and Gira arrived at the desert. Along with the two Shinigami, they took back the desert.

She later helped out in fighting Crystalleon when he returned. She then was captured by Crystalleon's soldiers and going to be executed. She then was saved by Neronga, FoxMask, and some others.

Later, she was revealed to be a member of the Assassin Order.


Scorpia has an extremely flirtatious attitude, often joking about it with male kaiju. She is also subject to many crushes, such as Sucho (When he first met her), Gira, Neo Titanosaurus, and many of the G68 clones.


  • Can breathe underwater.
  • Melee weapons (Teeth, claws, etc).
  • Can manipulate males.
  • Expert with guns.
  • Can call Bandits to her aid.


  • Scorpia's bandana is tied around her face in a way that purposely makes it look like a mustache.
  • Scorpia, although being a reptile, has breasts, similar to the Argonians of Skyrim.


This is how it's done. „ 

— Scorpia before demonstrating her skill with guns to someone

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