Scowl Rules
Used by
Jay's Wing
Sideswipe, Prowl
Decepticon ankylosaurus Dinobot
40 / 110 meters
160 meters / N/A
Transformers Character
I smash what I want, when I want, and I ain't stopping for no 'bot! „ 

— Scowl

Scowl is a giant decepticon dinobot and Role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Scowl seems to revel in the destruction he causes, hiding his cruelty behind a gregarious facade and layers of self-rationalization. Lacking brains and speed, Scowl uses his main attribute, ridiculous strength, to destroy cities and cause pain to others.


Brawl in Vienna

Scowl first appeared in Vienna, destroying the city until Sideswipe appeared to defend it. Scowl and Sideswipe traded vicious melee blows to each other, both doing good damage to their opponent. Scowl kept fighting, the two seeming evenly matched until the timed arrival of the autobot cop, Prowl.

With the arrival of Prowl, Scowl was outmatched. Even though he was able to temporarily take out Sideswipe, he was up against too much. Just then, though, a new challenger arrived and attacked Prowl. He was revealed to be another decepticon, Saberhorn.

So then the tag-team battle commenced. Scowl and Saberhorn teamed up on Prowl until Sideswipe joined the fray, facing Scowl. The two again did big amounts of damage in melee to each other, especially with Scowl's hammer tail. Eventually, the battle waned, and as Prowl took down Saberhorn, Scowl used his horn to put Sideswipe out of the fight.

Prowl and Scowl didn't have such a climactic fight as you would've expected. As Scowl charged, the autobot police officer fired shoulder missiles. Scowl shrugged them off and rammed Prowl into the ground. Scowl was severely damaged, though, so after that he retreated from Vienna, ending the battle.


  • Great physical strength and durability
  • Horns
  • Has a hammer tail


  • Scowl is Jay's first decepticon character.

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