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Used by
Who ever pays him the most.
The one with a price on their head.
6.6 feet, 100 meters (Oblitoratron Mech)
12 feet
Bounty Hunter

Seftis (sometimes called Self-Tits as a derogatory nickname) is a human-sized reptilian bounty hunter from the Andromeda Galaxy.


Fighting Style

Seftis does not fight like a Kaiju, as he lacks special powers. Instead, he uses a combination of melee attacks and weapons, usually consisting of guns. He is fairly agile, and uses his tail to climb. His trench coat can hold a fair amount of weaponry, and his helmet is modified to fire laser beams from the goggle bits. He has one robotic forearm, which he lost in a fight with a Duranian drug lord, which can convert into a sniper rifle.

His Ship

If he ever has to fight a Kaiju, his ship, the Silver Behemoth, can separate from the back half and turn into a mech called "Oblitoratron". The back half then coverts into a Kaiju-sized cage to contain the enemy.

In ship mode, the Silver Behemoth can fly through space at almost light speed. It is armed with an array of laser cannons. He mainly flies in the small shuttle that detaches from the ship, the Silver Dagger, that is slightly smaller than a city bus. It is much faster and more agile, and is armed with two pairs of blaster cannons.


Though a skilled combatant, Seftis tends to steal from, drug, shoot at, and just be an a-hole in general to anyone he meets. His visitors are normally disregarded and sometimes shoved out the airlock in their sleep. He doesn't get involved with family, friends or relationships because he thinks they will take his money.

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