The child shrouded in darkness, Shadow Kirby
Shadow Kirby
Used by
Kirby (dark copy)
Probably a child
Kirby character
A child who's a mere copy of the original...shrouded in hatred and darkness. „ 

— Description of Shadow Kirby

Shadow Kirby (シャドウカービィ, Shadoukābyi) is the dark copy of the original puffball altered and pulled in via through the Mirror World when it have gone out of control.


In Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, Shadow Kirby existed as just an opposite mirror-side of Kirby. When the Mirror World went out of control, he, the mirror-side Meta Knight, and possibly others had been engulfed in darkness, thus all of them becoming altered into their dark selves. He broke free of the Mirror World and wandered around the other side of the unaltered Popstar. Setting foot on Dreamland and later finding his counterpart, both of them believed each other to be enemies as Shadow Kirby had a great hatred for him. Both of them prepare and fight each other, ending but with his counterpart Kirby winning. He fled out avoiding certain death and he believed he wasn't at full power or wasn't ready for something so reckless. He swayed away and he wandered around Popstar once again, one day looking for his enemy.

In Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Shadow Kirby makes his return, taking on and prepared to battle Kirby, more powerful than he was the last time they encountered. Proving that he would defeat him, Shadow Kirby, unfortunately, once again was proven wrong and recklessly charged Kirby without thinking of the advantages he had. Though while Kirby spared him, Shadow Kirby spoke to him (in regular Kirby tongue) telling him that he only attacked him and still wishes to do so so he could stay away from the poisoned Dream World, believing that he was the one who caused him to become the figure he is today and along with many others. Promising to take on revenge and defeat him the next time, Shadow Kirby then softly said to prepare for "the last one" (i.e, Dark Meta Knight). He shot up, and warped out of where they fought.


The dark puffball looks exactly like Kirby or any other Kirby, with only his colors the major changes. His body is a light black, and his feet are a pure black color. He also has navy blue eyes, which can flicker to a violet red when he becomes highly enraged.


Shadow Kirby, thinking that his counterpart is the culprit of causing the Mirror World and its inhabitants to alter, has an intense dedication to restore his world and defeat Kirby using his true effort. He has no respect, is often rude, more reckless, troublesome. Though his lack of discipline and trouble is never directed towards his homeworld as he wishes to not harm it when it already has been.

Relationship with Dark Meta Knight

The relationship between these two only remains a mixed bag. While both of them having hatred for their enemies they both have different goals, as Shadow Kirby also looks up and misses his mentor, especially before alteration of the Mirror World, themselves, and everyone who lived there. When traveling he keeps promising his mentor every time that he will defeat his counterpart who caused him to be the figure he is today along with others, and that he can finally rest and return to the purified Mirror World, if it ever can revert back to normal.


Shadow Kirby possesses Kirby's abilities, and like Dark Meta Knight, has a potential and is physically stronger than Kirby, such as being stronger and faster, though yet, his disadvantages and outright-charging never gets him the better hand against his enemy. He also has the manipulation of shadowfire and darkness. He also has the ability to hold power-up abilities just like his counterpart.


  • Shadow Kirby isn't inherently evil, as unlike Dark Meta Knight, he doesn't wish to slay anything in his path and isn't merciless, stands for no honor, etc. Some say that his poisoned, but purifying heart is the only remaining piece of kindness he has left.
  • Shadow Kirby may also have the intent to slay Kirby, his alteration of his world and everyone he knew heavily impacted his life, and with the assumption that Kirby was the culprit, this remains a deep scar.

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