Shameless Fox
Shameless Fox
Used by
Redflag Horowitz, Wolf Queen, Anguirus, Giant Slalom
Crabcat (archenemy)
Gaira, Mutavore, El Gusano Gigante, Neo El Gusano, Neo SpaceGodzilla, The Mystery Bones of Infant Island (Necropolis Version)
Not known
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?? meters
Global Defense Force
We got company! „ 

— Shameless Fox

Shameless Fox is one of three Rookie Jaegers and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Shameless Fox is the toughest and most endurable of the three Rookie Jaegers, but still has a lot of training to do. He can be reckless, brash and hot-headed but he never disobeys an order. He prefers physical fighting over guns, feeling that physical combat and swordplay is more of his type.


Mission 1: Training Day

Shameless Fox as well as his other Rookie Jaeager comrades, Wolf Queen and Redflag Horowitz were deployed to go onto their first mission after being finished being made. Altogether there first mission was to find and hunt down the illusive Crabcat.

On the way, he came up with a few new names for Redflag Horowitz, some of which he also shot down. Once the three Rookie Jaegers reached up to Crabcat, he was the second one to combat him. Crabcat did some minor damage to Shameless Fox when he kicked him in the shin, temporarily causing his circuits there to mess up. Things got even worse when Gaira came.

At the end of the unsuccessful mission and after Crabcat retreated, Shameless Fox went over to the heavily beaten Redflag Horowitz and picked him up, taking him away along with him.

Mission 2: Struggle In Melbourne

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Solo Mission 1: Defending Paris, France

Shameless Fox went on his first solo mission where he was sent to deal with Mutavore and Karloff in Paris, France. After putting up a long fight along with teaming up with Anguirus to do so, Shameless Fox defeated both Mutavore and Karloff. Afterwards, Shameless Fox walked aways victoriously.

Mission 3: Twilight Trouble

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Powers & Weapons

  • Sword: Shameless Fox possesses an extendable sword of piercing through the hides of kaiju.


My name though. „ 

— Shameless Fox referring to his name.


  • He is Gallibon the Destroyer's favorite of the Rookie Jaegers.
  • Shameless Fox is the first of the Rookie Jaegers to appear on his own without the Redflag Horowitz or Wolf Queen.