The Persecutor Of Masses
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Gekkoku 5, Gekkoku 2, Gekkoku 3, Brawler Yukon
28 meters (2nd Form), 57 meters (3rd Form), 118.5 meters (4th Form).
122 meters (2nd Form), 168.25 meters (3rd Form), 222 meters (4th Form).
Godzilla...truly a god incarnate „ 

— Human Civilian witnessing the destruction caused by Shin Gojira

If I die In this world, Who will know, something of me. I am lost, no-one knows. There's no trace, of my yearning. But I must, Carry on. Nothing worse, can befall. All my fears, all my tears, tell my heart, theres a hole. I wear a void, not even hope. A downward Slope, is all I see. As long as breath comes from my mouth, I may yet stand the slightest chance. A shaft of light is all I need, to cease the darkness killing me. „ 

— Shin Gojira "Talking"

Shin Gojira (シン・ゴジラ Shin Gojira) (also known as Shin Godzilla and Shin Goji) is a Gojiran and is used by Zar




Note: This Part of Shin Gojiras history is in the rpverse

Debut: The Persecutor Of Masses




Shin Godzilla Form 2 Maquette

  • Slight Durability: Being a Gojiran, Kamata kun has slight durability. He can tank some maser and helicopter fire but thats about it.
  • Adapt Swimmer: Kamata kun is a highly adapt swimmer, able to stay underwater for days and swim up to 80 knots.
  • Adaptability: Kamata kun has the ability to adapt to his environment/ situation at will.


Godzilla 3rd Form

  • Durability: Though not shown, it is speculated that Shingawa kun has better durability then kamata kun.
  • fire breath: Though not shown, Shingawa kun can fire a stream of fire from his maw
  • Adapt Swimmer: Shingawa kun is a highly adapted swimmer, able to stay underwater for days and swim up to 50 knots
  • Agility: Shown in the Shin Gojira film, Shingawa kun is very agile, being able to run rather quickly.
  • Adaptability: Shingawa Kun has the ability to adapt to his environment/ situation at will.

Shin Gojira


  • Atomic Breath: Unlike most Atomic breaths, Shin Gojiras atomic breath is a bit different. For starters it is more concentrated into a ray of sorts allowing it to cut through buildings, military vehicles,metal, and flesh with relative ease. However, Shin cant spam this attack due to it costing an insane amount of energy when being used.
  • Dorsal Plate Beams: Shin gojira can release multiple atomic breaths from his back, allowing him to hit multiple targets at once.
  • Tail Beam: Shin Gojira can release his atomic breath from the tip of his tail.
  • Explosive Fire Breath: Shin Gojira can fire smoke from his maw, when ignited, it causes large explosions.
  • Durability: Like all Gojirans, Shin Gojira has some high durability. Able to tank most beam weapons and physical attacks.
  • Phased Array Radar: Shin Gojira has a phased-array radar-like ability, allowing him to detect threats even when not visible.
  • Regeneration: Like Most Gojirans, Shin Gojira has a healing factor.
  • Adaptability: Shin Gojira has the ability to adapt to his environment/ situation at will.
  • Physical Strength: Shin Gojira is able to lift things 2x his weight and height.


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Shin Godzilla OST Who will know (tragedy) w Lyrics-0

Shin Godzilla OST Who will know (tragedy) w Lyrics-0

Shiro Sagisu - Persecution of the Masses

Shiro Sagisu - Persecution of the Masses


  • Before Krazar, Shin Gojira was used by TTL