Used by
KiShogun Jaguar
Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider OOO, Inspector Cypher
2.1 meters
Neo Villain Core
Original Villain

Shungunshin Genji is a Robo Oni from the World of Captorman.

While Alive

During life, Shungunshin Genji was a very rich and young man in feudal Japan. He eventually became obsessed with the seven elemental jewels, specifically the gem of Gold. This attracted the attention of the samurai Janga, who took him in and trained him in the art of illusions. He eventually used this power to go after the Gold Captor Ninja, killing her and stealing her gem. He was eventually killed by the Water Captor Ninja when he tried to steal his gem.


Genji was revived in the modern day by KiShogun Jaguar, this time as a robotic demon. His illusion powers were amplified in this form, allowing him to make unlimited copies of Shungu soldiers. He fought against Captorman, but was continuously foiled by him. He was eventually killed by Captorwoman and trapped inside of a stone.

In the RPverse

Genji appeared in the RPverse to kill the Kamen Riders. He didn't know what a Kamen Rider was, so he began killing innocent civilians. He was eventually confronted by Decade, OOO, and Inspector Cypher. He was beaten by the three, and ran away from the battle.


  • Shungu Sword - A sword that can conduct electricity
  • Illusion Technique - Genji's most common ability, it can be used to trick the mind into believing anything he wants to show you is real. Once you believe it is real, it becomes real.
  • Shungu Gundan - An army of generic mooks he can create using his illusions.
  • Chou Illusion Technique - A more advanced illusion he can create, although it uses more of his power. He used it to make illusion Kakurangers.

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