Used by
Jay's Wing
Saberhorn, Scowl
90 meters
Transformers character

Sideswipe is an autobot and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Rebel, bad-boy, competitive; these are all things that describe Sideswipe, who's always happy to show off his prowess in the heat of battle. Sideswipe is, at his core, a lone wolf who tends to look out for himself, but when push come to shove, he heeds the call to action, jumping into the fight with his sword at the ready. Sideswipe is always quick with his words, and quicker with his hands, and is all about getting the drop on his enemies. And he always makes sure to look cool while doing it!

He's also a bit of a smart-aleck, and this tends to cheese off his comrades, and his predilection for going off and doing his own thing usually gets under the skin of his teammates. His rebellious nature belies his obvious disdain for authority, even his leader, Bumblebee. Although Sideswipe still has a lot of growing up to do, he's basically a good kid underneath his cocky exterior - once he gets over his obvious issues with teamwork.


Brawl in Vienna

When Scowl attacked the city of Vienna, Austria, Sideswipe was quick to respond. He got there and immediately drove into him, slamming the decepticon into a building. The battle was on. The two quickly traded vicious blows in melee, Sideswipe with his sword and Scowl with his hammer tail. Soon, though, Prowl came and changed the tides.

As Scowl turned to Prowl, Sideswipe slashed him from behind, dodging the dinobot's counterattack and uppercutting him. But just then, a new challenger approached to help Scowl: Saberhorn. Ignoring him, Sideswipe bombarded Scowl with machine gun fire, got hit by the hammer tail, and smashed Scowl into a building. However, Sideswipe was impaled by Scowl's horn, being sent into a skyscraper and being knocked out of the fight.

Prowl held up against Saberhorn and Scowl, but wouldn't last long. Sideswipe got up to help him soon enough, ramming into Scowl. The two became locked into combat again, and as Prowl took down Saberhorn, Scowl tanked Sideswipe's missiles and took him out with his horn and hammer tail, leaving the rest for Scowl and Prowl to sort out.


  • Can transform into a red Ferrari
  • Flight and Mach 2
  • Has dual sword blades on his arms
  • Can fire mahchine guns and missile launchers from chest
  • Great speed


  • Not durable physically


  • Sideswipe is Jay's first autobot character.

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