Decepticon Skywarp
Used by
Thundercracker, Slipstream, Ramjet, Sunstorm, Transquito, Skeetera
Breakdown, Hardshell
25 ft.
25 ft.
I'm the fastest thing on two wings! „ 

— Skywarp

Skywarp  (スカイワープ Sukaiwāpu) is a Decepticon Seeker and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He can transform into a fighter jet.


Skywarp is somewhat of an immature, stubborn idiot and a bit cowardly, but is a pretty harsh thug when it comes to combat. He also really likes to pull pranks on people, even his Seeker friends.


Debut: Transquito's Last Stand

Skywarp made his first appearance when he along with the other four seekers and Skeetera were hired by Transquito to attack and assassinate Hardshell's forces. SKywarp fought off against Breakdown and kept firing missiles at him, chasing him into a rocky canyon. When Breakdown tried to swing his hammers at him the first time, Skywarp simply shot Breakdown in the chest, sending Breakdown flying backwards.

Skywarp chased Breakdown for a little longer, up until he seemingly lost Breakdown. While Skywarp searched for him, Breakdown then appeared out of nowhere and swung his hammer at Skywarp's face, sending him crashing against the dirt. Eventually, Jim Sun Spider unleashed his Spiderbots at all of the Seekers. As hard as they tried and kept killing some Spiderbots, there was just too many of them to handle. Skywarp was the first Seeker to retreat, as he believed it was "game over". Skywarp and the other four Seekers then transformed into jet mode and flew off, retreating

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Flight
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Teleportation: Skywarp can teleport, however he mainly uses it to pull pranks or snake up on people.
  • Scatter Blaster
  • Jet Machine Guns
  • Cloaking: Skywarp can turn invisible with his cloaking device.
  • Whirlwind: Skywarp can fire out a strong gust of wind from his hands.
  • Missiles


  • Isn't very bright; is the least intelligent member of the five Seekers.
  • Is very stubborn.


  • He currently has no theme.

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