Used by
Dracoruss, Elementalfang, FoxMask, guardians of Earth and Volcania
Threats to Earth and Volcania, threats to his kingdom
Volcanian Dragon
125 meters
500 meters
Volcanian Dragons
A pity. I expected more of a challenge. „ 

— Slayer after defeating Sinani

Slayer is the king of the Shadowclaw Clan, and currently the most powerful dragon on Volcania.


Slayer was born the crown prince of the Shadowclaw Clan, the clan of Chaos, from a family rumored to be descended from a god. He had access to elite training, and had a decent amount of power a year before he fully matured.

When he did fully mature, the Shadowclaw Clan was attacked by a tyrannical emperor seeking to expand his empire. The two clans were at a stalemate, before Slayer's father was killed in the battle. After that, Slayer was forced to ascend to the rank of king. He managed to form a shaky alliance with several other clans, and they worked together to defeat the empire, though Slayer's youngest brother was killed.

Before his brother's death, Slayer promised his younger brother that he would become the strongest dragon on Volcania, and his brother's spirit would fight alongside him. Slayer had his sister temporarily take over rule for him, while he trained and stepped into action much more, often taking on a group of bandits by himself. Slayer had a very peaceful rule on the Shadowclaw Kingdom for a century, still honing his skills daily to prevent a backslide. However, the Shadowclaw soon fell into a combat with the Flamejaw Kingdom for a patch of land on the Shadowclaw Realm. Slayer did not participate in the battle himself, due to his belief against pointless bloodshed. Eventually, when the Flamejaw forces began to win, Slayer stepped into the fight himself, creating a stalemate. To prevent the further loss of forces, Slayer's sister and the Flamejaw Prince bonded.

Slayer ruled for approximately two more centuries, before the War of Titans started. The Shadowclaw Clan stayed out of the fight. However, in the third century of the war, Slayer's nephew (Dracoruss) asked for his help. Slayer refused to donate forces, but agreed to train Dracoruss and Elementalfang. He eventually changed his mind and also donated troops to help in the final battle.

When Dracoruss entered the RPVerse, due to Gira, Slayer took a look as well, and occasionally stays there to help with the universe's problems.


Slayer is rather peaceful, not fearing much due to his power level. He speaks in a very calm tone, usually never making any exclamations. He tends to also not use large movements in battle, partly due to his calm personality, and partly due to him having to restrict and contain his power at all times, to not destroy the planet.


  • Slayer's word is another name for "Killer".
  • Due to him being incredibly OP, DrGodzilla120 usually only uses him when facing extremely powerful enemies or scrappies.
  • Slayer is approximately 600 years old.
  • His theme song is "I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin, due to his attitude toward the war he was in when he was at a younger age.
  • He is Dracoruss's uncle.

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