Used by
Jay's Wing
SpookGoji, Mothra.exe, Jeff Jaguar The Killer, Kunin
333 meters
666 meters

Smile.Baragon is an evil photo of Baragon and role-play character used by Jay's Soviet Wing.


Smile.Baragon, despite being a photo, moves and acts just like a kaiju. He is very malicious, attacking nearby kaiju and trying to murder them. If they're too powerful, he'll just turn into a photograph, say "Spread the word", and then disappear, forever appearing in their dreams to say "Spread it. Spread it. Come on spread the word. Just do it. Come on. Hurry up. Spread the word already. Spread it."

Despite this, Smile.Baragon acts just like a dog when around his master, SpookGoji. He'll sit, roll over, beg, and most of all, attack. Also he quits the "Spread the Word" stuff and just pants with that big, dopey grin on his face.


Debut: Kunin

Kunin was stranded in space on a meteor. Suddenly, another meteor appeared, flying right towards him! This meteor was black and bleeding hyper-realistic blood, smashing open to reveal SpookGoji when it smashed into the meteor Kunin was standing on. The two began a brief and fruitless fight that didn't go anywhere.

Suddenly, five creatures came out of nowhere and attacked! One of the Narutons blasted SpookGoji with a swirl maser beam, only to get hit by a Blood Beam. Throwing a chisel knife into the spooky Gojiran, the Naruton exploded when SpookGoji appeared behind him and jumpscared the kaiju with a sonic shriek.

As the short fight continued, one of SpookGoji's allies tackled another Naruton: Jeff Jaguar The Killer stabbed the Naruton with a kitchen knife, instantly killing it. As the Narutons attacked Kunin, one was torched. The new arrival, Smile.Baragon, stared at one of the Narutons, his face deforming and making a wide, sinister smile before tackling and biting into him. Screeching, the Naruton died.

Finally, SpookGoji blasted the last Naruton towards Kunin, who incinerated it with his atomic breath. Not wanting to fight his fellow Gojiran anymore, SpookGoji let Kunin slip away, disappearing with Jeff Jaguar the Killer and Smile.Baragon.


  • Photography - Smile.Baragon can turn himself into a giant photograph at will.
  • Creepy Grin - Smile.Baragon is able to do a crazy, evil, human-like grin. Besides being creepy, this does absolutely nothing.
  • Flame Breath - Like all other Baragons, Smile.Baragon can send out flames from his mouth.
  • Spread The Word - If seen in his Creepy Grin, Smile.Baragon can enter the victim's dreams and pester them to spread the word.


  • Smile.Baragon is a mix of and Baragon.

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