Smokescreen (Prime)
TFP Smokescreen (Fullbody)
Used by
Prowl, Hardhead
Bisk, Thunderhoof, Scowl, Fearstorm, Jury-Rig, Skirmisher, Decepticons, Vehicons
25 ft.
25 ft.
I'm destined for greatness. „ 

— Smokescreen

Smokescreen is a Autobot soldier and a member of the Cybertron Elite Guard. He is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He can transform into a Lotus Exige.


Smokescreen is a young, fun-loving and optimistic Autobot. He has a high aspiration that he will become a great warrior, though his ego can annoy other Autobots. He's a also joker and is pretty eager when it comes to combat.



Smokescreen made his first appearance when he came in to help out Prowl and Hardhead fight off a horde of trespassing Vehicon bounty hunters. Smokescreen came in a little late for the fight against the Vehicons, but made up for it by partaking in the fight against Fearstorm, a towering juggernaut of a Vehicon. After some more scuffling, Smokescreen defeated Fearstorm by the combined attacks from Prowl, Hardhead and Switchback and by Smokescreen's electronet, causing Fearstorm to lose balance and fall off a large cliff. After Fearstorm's defeat, Smokescreen went over to Prowl and Hardhead and explained that he had been stuck on Earth for some time, and he too was ambushed by some Vehcions, and was thankful that Prowl and Hardhead came to help him out with the situation. Before the three Autobots could celebrate though, Jury-Rig then arrived and attacked the trio, and threw down an EMP Grenade. Jury-Rig then stormed off and Smokescreen (along with Prowl and Hardhead) transformed and rolled away.

Tabriz Tango

Smokescreen along with Prowl and Hardhead showed up at Tabriz to fight against Team Destron's forces. Smokescreen and Prowl briefly took on Snarler and then later just fought off the rest of the horde of Vehicons. Eventually, him, Prowl and Hardhead together finished off the rest of the attacking Destron forces there and then walked away onto their next mission.

Vienna Brawl 

Smokescreen along with Hardhead and Prowl went to Vienna, Austria to assist Sideswipe takedown the wild Decepticon Scowl. However Smokescreen was interrupted by the lobster Decepticon Bisk before he could do so, and was forced to fight him off. Soon Smokescreen defeated Bisk by trapping him in one of his electronets, trapping and tangling Bisk up for a while. Smokescreen then went over to help Hardhead to combat against Thundehoof, but he and Hardhead were then defeated by one might stomp attack from Thunderhoof that sent him and Hardhead flying against a brick wall. Fortunately, they survived and were soon rescued by Prowl. Afterwards, him, Prowl and Hardhead then transformed and rolled out.


  • Blasters: Smokescreen's main weapon are pair of arm mounted laser blasters hidden in his arms.
  • Chain Bolter
  • Electronet Launcher: This weapon can fire out a electrofied net that can deliver a powerful bioelectric shock when in use and it can tangle up the target in said net.


All brawns no brains, are ya? „ 

— Smokescreen to Fearstorm


  • Smokescreen's "38" 's on his car doors are a homage to his G1 incarnation.
  • He is the Transformers Prime incarnation of the character.

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