Snowman Org
Snowman Org
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
IguanaGoji, Makia
100 meters
100 meters
Ogre Tribe Org
Super Sentai
Is it just me, or did it just get a little cold in here? „ 

— Snowman Org

Snowman Org (雪ダルマオルグ Yukidaruma Orugu) is a snowman-based Org and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Snowman Org acts like any other typical monster-of-the-week and wants nothing more but to destroy things. All he does is just want to freeze everything. He also likes to make ice puns.


Debut and Death: Winter's Cruelty

Snowman Org was created and summoned out to wreak havoc. Snowman Org gladly applied and immediately went to work. He met up with IguanaGoji, Makia and Kujak's (SMG-IInd) and started to attack them with his freezing cold wrath. He was aided by a few giant Orgettes (armed with snowballs), however they we're easily dispatched. He began to cover the city in large, deep amounts of snow however, and he created a violent blizzard, making it difficult for Makia and IguanaGoji to see.

However, Snowman Org was ultimately destroyed when IguanaGoji used Giga Drill and fired at his hat, which was the source of all Snowman Org's power. With his hat now destroyed, IguanaGoji smashed through Snowman Org, causing Snowman Org to explode and die.


  • Blizzard Breath: Snowman Org's strongest attack, Snowman Org could either blast his foes with his cold beam or create violent blizzards all around the area.
  • Frost Spikes: Snowman Org could fire freezing cold spikes from his chest at his opponents.
  • Resistance: Snowman Org was resistant to other kaiju's attacks or beam powers and couldn't be damaged at all, unless his hat was removed.
  • Snowballs: Snowman Org can hurl snowballs at this enemies. This attack however does not inflict any damage and is just an annoyance.
  • Flight: Snowman Org was capable of flight.


  • Hat Removal: Snowman Org's hat was the source of all his power, as such, if his hat was removed or destroyed, Snowman Org would become powerless.


How about you guys all just chill out? „ 

— Snowman Org during battle.

Stay cool. „ 

— Snowman Org after blasting IguanaGoji and Makia with his blizzard breath.

Iceholes! „ 

— Snowman Org's last words.


  • Snowman Org originates from Gao Access CD a drama CD based off from Gaoranger.