Sokogeki Anguirus
Anguirus 2001 Model - SokogekiAngira
Used by
Jay's Wing
Anguirus, Neo Gigan, Neo Anguirus, Oxyon
Crystalleon, The Crystal Cavalier, Trahir
105 meters
315 meters
Earth Defenders
Scrapped Character

Sokogeki Anguirus is an RP Character used by X Jay's Wing X. He is the older brother of Anguirus.


S. Ang looks a lot like Anguirus, but with longer legs. His Horns look more like a crown, and the spikes on his carapace look more like a cape. He also has a ball of spikes at the end of his tail.


S. Angy is more serious than his little brother, not making jokes very often. He doesn't make very many friends.


S. Angy was first introduced in an RP in Late July of 2014. He lives far away from others, so he isn't in many RPs. He helped Anguirus and a few others fight Crystalleon. He also participated in the Neo Empire's invasion of Monster Island, in which he fought The Crystal Cavalier before getting defeated by Trahir.


  • Teleportation
  • Can shoot Electricity from mouth
  • Can shoot Magma from maw
  • High Endurance, strength and stamina
  • Spiky Carapace
  • Can shoot spikes from carapace
  • Can hack stuff
  • Spike Maelstrom - Onslaughts the target with a horde of spikes. The spikes can be charged with energy, too, making this attack stronger.
  • Thunderball Blitz - Thunderballs the target repeatedly by teleporting around them rapidly when each thunderball hits. Can be mixed with Fire, electric, or ice energy to make stronger.
  • Giga Electric/Icy/Flaming Allcaps Thunderball - Elctricity flows through Anguirus as he thunderballs directly into the opponent, slicing their flesh with his spikes and sending electric energy into the wounds. Can be switched with Ice or Flames.

•All-out artillery attack - His strongest finisher, first, his spikes are covered on fire, he shoots those spikes, burning his enemy, then he spews ice from his mouth, freezing the enemy, and then he does the GE/I/FAT towards the frozen opponent.

  • Can send electricity, ice, and flame energy into his spikes.
  • Thunderall - can use ice, fire, or electric energy to make it stronger.
  • Mechanic
  • Can fuse with his brother and Neo Anguirus
  • Steel Explosive Inferno Electric Plasma Thunderball (fusion only): this move is the result of the fusion of all 3 Angys thunderballing his opponent, Neo with fire and explosives, Sokogeki with ice and poison and Angy with electricityspikes. It's so powerful it can erase their opponent of existence if so they desire
  • Thunderball