Spagetti Meatballs
Used by
Jay's Wing
Macho Man Randy Savage
As old as Pizza
100 meters

Spagetti Meatballs is an Italian Mark I jaeger and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Spagetti Meatballs is friendly and is has a strong bond with his nonexistant family. When cities are in danger, he will often turn up late. Often, Spagetti will be busy watching football or seeing the Opera. The only real thing that will motivate Meatballs is pasta: if pasta is on the line, Spagetti will fight to the death to get it.


Going Ashore

While watching football, Spagetti was contacted and sent to stop a kaiju from destroying the city of Balogna. Despite being in Italy, he still arrived after his American comrade, Macho Man Randy Savage. There, they saw the evil kaiju known as DemonGoji destroying it. As Macho Man surged into action, Spagetti turned the football radio station on before engaging DemonGoji.

DemonGoji blasted Macho Man Randy Savage back with his red atomic breath. Spagetti Meatballs engaged with his chainsword, slashing him once only for DemonGoji to rip it apart with his teeth. As he slashed Spagetti Meatballs with his claws, the Italian mecha's Tesla fist slammed into the Gojiran's nose, breaking it. Ignoring the anti-kaiju missiles he was bombarded with by Macho Man Randy Savage, DemonGoji slammed his fist into Spagetti Meatballs' head and ripped out his Conn-pod, making him shriek with pain.

His only hope was lost; he could no longer listen to the football game. He needed to know who won! This would have to wait, however, as DemonGoji turned to face Macho Man Randy Savage and crushed Spagetti's chest with his tail in the process, taking him out of the battle and leaving Macho Man to fight alone.


  • Chainsword
  • Tesla Fist
  • Can fire extremely hot pasta from his chest
  • Uses spaghetti noodles as whips and can wrap up foes in them
  • Can launch meatballs from shoulder cannons
  • Flight at Mach 2


  • Spagetti Meatballs is every Italian stereotype.

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