Sucho Ryuhi Gojira
Used by
Dracoruss and Elementalfang, his younger brother, other kaiju who protect Earth and Volcania
Growlcut (Sometimes), Shadowstorm, Drakenoids, those who threaten Earth and Volcania, Hollows, others
120 meters, 170 (Bankai)
150 meters, 200 (Bankai)
Earth Defenders, Soul Reapers
Toho/Fanon hybrid
Alright, let's do this. „ 

— Sucho when he's about to fight

Sucho Ryuhi Gojira is a member of the G.O.D.Z.I.L.L.Association and one of its most powerful members.


Sucho was originally a Godzilla that was orphaned along with his brother, Gira. The two learned to fend for themselves as a team. When they were young, they were attacked by Hollows. Defeating the Hollows, a Shinigami invited them to become a Soul Reaper. They went to the academy, and such, they have Shinigami powers. Both have mastered Bankai and Shikai.

The brothers one day stumbled onto the G.O.D.Z.I.L.L.Association Headquarters. They were recongnized as fellow Gojiras, and became members. Working for the Association, they met the other kaiju.

Sucho had an ex-girlfriend called Scorpia. It is unknown if he still has feelings for her.

Sucho later aided in the death of Zardoris.


When young, Sucho tried to survive, and as such, was very humble. When he joined the G.O.D.Z.I.L.L.Association, however, he grew more of a regal personality. 


  • Atomic breath (Color is scarlet)
  • Melee weapons (Teeth, claws, etc)
  • Soul Reaper powers (Has mastered Bankai and Shikai)
  • Spiral Ray
  • Ability to shapeshift (Forms are a black and scarlet Suchomimus and his Godzilla form)
  • Regeneration
Sucho NEW

Sucho's other form


  • Sucho is about ten times more powerful than his brother, shown when he defeats Gira in training using only a finger.
  • Sucho's middle name means "Dragon fire" in Japanese.
  • Sucho's Bankai is called "Atsui Hakai Hiiro Hiryu". He shares the same Bankai as his brother. It takes the form of a fiery dragon.
  • Sucho's theme song is "Shepherd of Fire" by Avenged Sevenfold.


— Sucho performing bankai
Atsui Hakai Hiiro Hiryu.
— The name of Sucho's bankai, usually added on to the phrase above.
Blaze, Hiiro Hiryu.
— Sucho when he releases his zanpakuto

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