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Lushan, Saladini, RabanGoji, Skoswa, Osoros, Gyottos, Zottos, Kowiko, Rozan
Rekker, Hitodah
Strange Creature
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"Forgotten Monsters", Earth Defenders
Manga Kaiju

Sugon (スゴン Sugon) is a strange kaiju and a member of the Forgotten Monsters. He is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Sugon is a weird and worrisome fellow, not usually saying a whole lot and but whenever he does talk it's usually something weird. Despite his strange behavior, he's pretty nice and likes wrestling.



Back in the 1950's, Sugon was one of the many monsters that went up to Lushan's Island and became part of a group that later became known as the "Forgotten Monsters" due to the fact they soon fell into obscurity.

Debut: Forgotten Monsters Pt. 1

Many years later, Rozan washed up on the shores of their island and met up with the other Forgotten Monsters. Sugon was interested in Rozan and greeted her. Sugon partook in the fight against Rekker and his clique members. After defeating Rekker and his clique members, Sugon celebrated along with the other Forgotten Monsters.

Forgotten Monsters Pt. 2

Sugon and Skoswa were out fishing at first and then returned back to Lushan's Island to help finish progress on building the raft for Rozan. He and Skoswa brought some fish because they both figured they could use something to eat while on the trip. Sugon also participated in the attack against Hitodah, by firing lightning from his fingertips at Hitodah, which unfortunately had no effect on Hitodah. Hitodah then deflectled his lightning attacks back at Sugon, sending Sugon to fly into the trees. Sugon was temporarily under Hitodah's mind control when Hitodah sprayed his pink gas at the Forgotten Monsters, turning them against the Godzillans. Sugon was soon freed from the mind control though when it was discovered that coconut milk was the cure for Hitodah's pink gas.

Sugon as well as the other Forgotten Monsters later celebrated the defeat of Hitodah. Sugon and Skoswa volunteered to act as the "motor" for the raft as, they both thought they could use some speed to get Rozan back to her homeland in time, and they were strong and fast enough for the waters. Lushan allowed them too. Sugon then joined along with Skoswa and both of them got behind the raft and began to kick their feet fast, peddling the raft away.


  • Physical Strength: Sugon doesn't possess many special abilities, so he mainly relies on his wrestling skills to fight.
  • Enhanced Swimming: Sugon is very quick and dynamic underwater.
  • Electrokinesis: Sugon can summon lightning from his fingertips.


  • He currently has no theme.