Used by
The Vortaak (intially)
Zilla Jr. (Lostverse), Jay, Neo SMG, IguanaGoji, Coyote Tango, Tacit Ronin, Mazinger Z, Neo Komodithrax, Cyber-Zilla, Winter Flurry, Global Defense Force, Earth Defenders
Millions of years
2 meters

The Tachyons(タキオン Takionare an alien race hailing from an unknown planet and wish to colonize and invade Earth. They are used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

They are also rivals of the Viledrodes.


The Tachyons somewhat resemble a mix between insects and mollusks, and they each have six-limbs. They also have big bulbous heads as well as some two tusk-like appendages on their faces.


Tachyons appear to live inside giant, vaguely organic-spaceships (known as Leviathans) that they built on their own. They are heavily guarded by their guards the Reptilians and the Cryptocledius.


The Tachyons are very intelligent and are capable of literally using their minds to it. They operate on a hive mind.


Early History

The Tachyons were a species of six-limbed, telepathic extraterrestrials that landed on Earth sixty-five million years ago, around the extinction of the dinosaurs. They stayed alive long enough to breed the Reptilians and Cryptocleidus before going dormant.

In the present day they were awakened when a team of scientists who find their ship, the Leviathan at the bottom of the sea. Upon investigating however, it was discovered that the alien crew as still alive. The Tachyons soon encountered H.E.A.T. and were thought to have been destroyed along with their ship, but actually the Tachyons managed to download their minds onto two scientists. They (the Tachyons) now using the forms of the two human scientists used their psychic abilities to gain control of the military to divide H.E.A.T. and ignite the Monster Wars. They were able to take control of several monsters and sent them to wreak havoc across the world. Fortunately, Dr. Mendel Craven is able to damage the Tachyon signal that controls the monsters and they manage to destroy enough of the Tachyon craft to force them into retreat. 

Revenge of the Tachyons


Years later, the Tachyons returned to Earth with an even bigger army and brand new kaiju under their control. The first arrived onto Earth where their first action was to send Kraa to investigate. While they were aware of the Viledrodes and Vortaaks presence on Earth, they chose to ignore them in favor for their invasion tactics.

First Attacks

After sending Kraa and Zarkorr to tog on a rampage on Phoenix, Arizona and Goliath and El Gusano Gigante to attack San Francisco, the Tachyons went to "war". They ordered all of their kaiju to attack various places all over Earth and later even mind-controlled Zilla Jr. (Lostverse) and Cyber-Zilla. The Tachyons were on all duty, it seemed as if they were unstoppable.

That was, until a few more battles took place.

Osaka Onslaught

Main article: Osaka Onslaught.

All Out Hell II

Main article: All Out Hell II.

Shanghai Slaughter 

Main article: Shanghai Slaughter.

Final Assault

Enraged, the Tachyon Leader then led an final assault on Reykjavik, at first sending waves of Leviathans, Cryptocledius and Reptilians out. Neo SMG, Zilla Jr. (Lostverse), Jay, Neo Gigan and even Hetzer showed up to attack. The Tachyons then sent out Kraa and Zarkorr, but the two were defeated by Zilla Jr. (Lostverse) and Neo SMG. After Kraa and Zarkorr were freed from the Tachyon mind control, they took off. Then the Tachyon's ultimate weapon was sent out....Tricephalon.

The Tachyon Leader joined the fight as well and turned his ship into a giant warship. After a very long and difficult battle, the Tachyon Warship was destroyed by Zilla Jr. (Lostverse) when he threw Tricephalon at it, defeating Tricephalon. Neo SMG, Neo Gigan and Jay then finished off the Tachyon Warship, killing off the Tachyon Leader and ending the Tachyon Invasion. Earth was freed.


After the event, a few "Tachyon Remnants" joined up with the Vortaak-Nexos.


  • Levitation: The Tachyons are capable of levitation. 
  • High Intellect
  • Mind Control: Tachyons are shown to be able to easily take control of another one's mind and use them to their worth. 



  • They both had El Gusano Gigante (and Cyber-Zilla) as pawns in Monster Wars and in WZRP.
  • They are one of the few invasive alien races that sought to takeover that acted independent.
  • The real names of the "Tachyon Leader" and "Tachyon General" remain unknown.
  • Their arc is also known as "Monster Wars II".

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