Team Destron was a group of a higher-ranked Decepticons who chose to become more elite and classier Decepticons, and aimed to destroy all Autobots and "weaker" Decepticons. Following their chief member Transquito's death, the group was disbanded and their current whereabouts are unknown.


Not much is known about the teams's origins. They were simply formed when all the five main Decepticons joined together and formed their faction.


Team Destron was meant to eradicate both Autobots and lesser Decepticons and was mainly led by the Preadacon, Transquito. Transquito then started a war against Hardshell's forces and went to battle against them for months, up until then Transquito met his demise at Utah when he was slain by Hardshell. The team was then disbanded shortly afterwards.


Chief Members




  • Team Destron's name wasn't intended to be the factions name at first and was meant to be a placeholder name.
  • Team Destron was originally going to be a major villain faction of Gallibon's but they were later scrapped of sorts after Transquito's death due to the fact Gallibon the Destroyer no longer had any ideas for them.