The Battle of Tokyo was an event that took place on July 5th, 2014.



Brief Summary: Haifischuntier and Razora appear in Tokyo and mate. FoxMask appears and attacks them, making them retreat. KZ2K arrives with an army, but FeMuto and Neo G appear, and FeMuto's EMF disables his forces. Neo G and FeMuto Tear up the city until FoxMask attacks Neo G, forcing him to leave. Spinnetier and Male Muto arrive as FoxMask attacks FeMuto. M. Muto is attacked by Haruka, and Super MG arrives to help KZ2000. The 3 team up to subdue FeMuto and Male Muto.

Important Events

  • FeMuto and Male Muto are taken down.
  • Spinnetier, Haifischuntier and Razora make their debut.
  • SuperMG returns.


  • This RP was recorded on Pastebin.

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