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The Battle for Lansing was a battle that happened from January 11, 2016 to somewhere in early February.


Trahir and the Neo Empire decide to invade Lansing, Michigan. Several heroes such as Baymax, Taokaka, Makia and Nekrodrake come to stop the Neo Empire forces. A fight between the Earth Defenders and the Neo Empire wages on for a long time, dragging on for days, until Lansing is finally destroyed and the heroes are forced to retreat. The Neo Empire then takes over the remains of Lansing and make it into one of their bases. 


Major Events

  • Baymax's debut
  • M's debut
  • The Neo Empire's first strike
  • The Neo Empire decimates the entire city in the end, and later claim it.


  • Most of "The Battle for Lansing" was saved onto Pastebin.
  • Makia beat Trahir in a Yo Mama Smackdown. 
  • The Battle for Lansing was originally mean't to be only one RP, but kept getting delayed and further into many parts, which is why it lasted so long.

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