The Battle of Los Angeles was a battle that occurred on July 3, 2014.



Outcome: TokyoGoji and Giz win. Neo Kumonga is killed. Don Muto loses two arms and an eye.

Don Muto calls Giz and states that he wants to fight them in Los Angeles. The two meet him in Los Angeles, quickly killing Neo Kumonga. However, Don Muto gains the upper hand shortly after, smashing Giz's head and tearing TokyoGoji's throat.

Much to Don Muto's surprise, though, TokyoGoji smacks him in the face and tears two of his arms off. Don Muto twists TokyoGoji's neck, but is stopped when she fires an atomic ray into his wound. Don Muto throws TokyoGoji to the side and proceeds toward Giz, dislocating her shoulder and tearing out her knee cap.

Don Muto tears out Giz's throat, killing her. TokyoGoji turns to her Night Form in rage and begins to brutally assault Don Muto. Kaijuzilla2000 flies a jet into Don Muto's mouth and blows out his midsection temporarily. After regenerating, he continues to battle TokyoGoji. Soon, though, TokyoGoji smashes a bus on Don Muto's head, forcing him to flee.

Important events

  • Neo Kumonga's head is caved in by Giz.
  • Giz is killed by Don Muto.
  • Don Muto is nearly killed


  • Neo Kumonga
  • Giz