Red alert WARNING: This event contains scenes of graphic violence, birthing, gore and detail. Viewer discretion is advised!
The Birth of AstroGodzilla
Date Performed
GDF Troops 1-5, American Troop, Russian Troop, Voidian Troop, GDF Squad Leader, Maser crew, GDF Commander, GDF America Commander, GDF Japan Commander, Cultists, High Preistess, AstroGodzilla, Crystal Insects

The Birth of AstroGodzilla is a horror RP used to introduce the character of AstroGodzilla. This RP was organized by User:Ghidorahnumber1


A strange light hit New York City at night, leaving behind a small crystal in central park. The next morning, a giant field of crystals have appeared in the city, cutting off all electricity and destroying any aircraft that fly over. Reports of deployed maser and recon squads come in as either disappeared or killed each other. Desperate, the GDF organizes a last ditch attempt with troops equipped with head cameras.

Full RP

  • The team is set up right outside the border of the crystals, equipped with high tech armor, weapons, head cams, and a Maser tank*

(Maser Unit Solder) <(We're all set up, sir.)

(GDF America Commander) <( G-go on...)

(Maser Unit Soldier) <(...I'm willing to die for the sake of finding out what's going on, sir.)

(GDF America Commander) <( If there's anything I can do about it, that won't happen.)

(GDF Operator of Japan) *Is quivering in her seat*

(Maser Unit Soldier) <(The recon squad should be ready to move in at any moment.)

(GDF Intelligence Officer)<(The crystal arrangement is pointing toward Central Park as the head there.)

(GDF Voidian Commander) <(....) *as he stares at the Maser Unit*

(GDF Voidian Commander) <(Well there is one for every Country/Ally isn't there?

  • The Recon Units all salute and are sent in, some refusing to move*
  • immediately upon entering the area, the place gives off a sinister feeling, mainly due to the lack of people or bodies*

(Recon Unit Leader 1) *Approaches a group of crystals, having his squad stand back until further notice*

(Troop)<(Its like they all...stopped everything and left....) *looks at a taxi cab, money on the ground as if it was in the middle of payment*

(Troop 2) <(Man, this place gives me the chills...)

(Voidian Troop) *Shivers* <(It's cold too....)

  • The Maser cannon suddenly stops dead*

(Troop 3) <(Who invited that darned Voidian?)

(Troop 4) <(Dude, lay off the racist comments.)

(Maser Unit Soldier) <(What that hell...)

(Maser Pilot)<(We've got no power at all!)

(American Troop) <( That's...not good. None of this is good.)

(Maser Unit Soldier) <(There has to be some sort of interference. Try the emergency power!)

(American Troop) <( Remember what happened LAST time crystals appeared? Kaiju, man!)

(Maser Pilot)<(Its gone too! There's no power in this damn thing at all!)

(American Troop) <( It's always f*ckin' kaiju!)

(Troop 2) <(I-I really don't want to be here anymore, man! I have a wife!)

(Troop)<(You hear that?)

(Troop 3) <(Hear what?)

(Troop)<(The singing!)

(American Troop) *turns head around wildly* <(W-wh-what?!)

(American Troop) <( Oh dear god, oh dear god, OH DEAR GOD!)

(Voidian Troop) <(Me neither, but...I'm only a drone, recently trained in War, I kinda am also a reject in my previous squad)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Get a hold of yourselves! All of you!)

(Troop)<(Its....Its.....blissfull....) *shoots himself in the head*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(What?!)

(American Troop) <( WHAT THE F*CK?!)

(Troop 3) <(Oh god! I CAN HEAR IT TOO!)

(Voidian Troop) *notices the singing* <(No, No.....I hear it too....COVER YOUR EARS!!!!) *Puts headphones on*

(Troop 4) <(NO! HAROLD!!)

(Russian Troop) *is hard of hearing, wondering what the f*ck is going on*

(Troop 4) <(Harold! Please! Don't leave me! IGNORE THE MUSIC! Sing Queen music like you always do!)

(Troop 5)<(We gotta keep going! Don't give in like he did!)

(Voidian Troop) *gets headphones on Harold*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Troop #5 is right. We need to keep our wits and continue our mission.)

(Russian Troop) *does hand symbols at the group, asking why Troop 1 shot himself*

(Voidian Troop) <(It's got radio transeivers, so he can hear us...)

(Harold) *His head starts turning a beetish red*

(Harold) *The effects of the headphones aren't useful in the slightest*

(Voidian Troop) <(Wait.....something's wrong...)

(Voidian Troop) <(Oh's not working, it's too late)

(Troop 4) <(No sh*t!)

  • As they approach the park, the feeling of being watched grows larger*

(Russian Troop) *hand symbols* "Explanation, please? What's going on?!"

(Recon Unit Leader) *Is trying his hardest to keep his cool*

  • The music suddenly stops*

(Voidian Troop) *hand symbols* "Something deadly is stalking us, and is using singing to kill us"

  • It is followed by a chilling female scream*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(That's not it, Voidian.)

(Voidian Troop) <(Oh....)

(Russian Troop) *hand symbols* "What on Earth....?"

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Oh god...)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(...I mean. Ready your weapons.)

(Russian Troop) *sees everyone else readying their weapons, readies his own*

(Voidian Troop) *Prepares his Machine Gun*

(Russia Troop) *turns to the Voidian, wondering why he has a machine gun, before going back to the target*

(Troop 4) *Readies his, holding an unconcious Harold on his back*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Stay together....)

(GDF America Commander) <( M-main Command...are you seeing this?)

(Recon Unit Leader) *Motions for everyone to huddle up in a group*

(Russia Troop) *does so*

(GDF Operator of Japan) *Is watching intensely*

(GDF Commander) *shocked

(American Troop) *huddles up*

(GDF Voidian Commander) *is shaking*

  • They reach the edge of the park*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Now, we will all walk together, and will stay in this formation at all times.)

  • Something comes out from behind a tree*

(Recon Unit Leader) *Heart jumps, his blood boiling*

(Voidian Troop) *Warns it with his gun*

(Man) <(Hello!)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(...sir. Are you aware of the current situation?)

(Man )<(Welcome to the temple of Garspecth!)

(Voidian Troop) <(It's....a....guy?)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(The temple of what?)

(Russian Troop) *unable to hear, completely lost in the conversation*

(Troop 4) <(Garspecth?)

(Man )<(Our king Garspecth! The one true leader!)

(Voidian Troop) <(What the heck are you blabbering about?)

(Troop 2) <(What in god's name...)

(American Troop) <( Um...? I don't think we should be talking evangelism. I think we should be talking EVACUATION.)

(Man )<(Come! I will take you to the high priestess!)

(Russian Troop) *still looking for an answer*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(You will do no such thing.)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(You will come with us, please?)

(Man )<(I cannot abandon the temple!)

(Man )<(You must come with me!)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(This area is under quarantine!)

(Man )<(You must come with me! Meet the others!)

(Harold) <(I think... we should do what the man says...) *He says in a monotone voice*

(American Trooper) <( Ignore Harold, he is being a weirdo!)

(Man )<(Yes!) *a large group of other people with knives have now shuffled in around them*

(Voidian Troop) <(Agreed)

(Troop 4) <(H- Harold? You're scaring me, dude...)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(If you do not comply, we will be forced to shoot.)

(Russian Troop) *growls, ready to fire at the threatening people*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Now please, come with us.)

(Group)<(We will die for the sake of Garspecth!)

(Troop 4) <(What a bunch of loonies...)

(Russian Troop) *continues growling*

(Group) *advances, pushing them into the park*

(Harold) <(Die for sake of Garspecth, Garspecth...)

(Voidian Troop) *Growls*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Men...)

(Recon Unit Leader) <( fire.)

(Voidian Troop) *opens fire*

(Russian Troop) *opens fire*

(American Troop) *opens fire* <( F*CK YOU, YOU RELIGIOUS DOUCHEBAGS!)

  • The singing is heard again, and the men appear to be taking no harm*

(Troop 4) *Unloads*

(Russian Troop) *confused, unable to hear the singing, but scared at the fact that normal men are not dying from bullets*

(Voidian Troop) *Trys to cover his ears with his frills*

  • They continue to force them back into the park some more, the group growing ever larger*


(Voidian Troop) *Fires a Grenade into the group*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Men! Cease fire! Unload the gas bombs!)

(Russian Troop) *sees the others doing so, does so*

  • They reach the center of the park*
  • The men suddenly collapse*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Wait! Halt your current order!)

(Russian Troop) *begins darting head around, sniffing and trying to see what's up*

(American Troop) <( No, no no no no... this ain't good... this AIN'T good...!)

(Troop 5) *backs up, shaking* <(G-g-g-guys....)

(Troop 2) <(What is it?!)

(Troop 5) *motions for them to turn around*

(Voidian Troop) *does so, his frills going into the fear position*

(Recon Unit Leader) *Turns around, his eyes widen*

(Russian Troop) *turns around*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Oh... dear lord...)

  • There is a giant crowd of thousands if not millions of people, on the ground bowing*

(American Troop) *turns around* <( Jesus...Jesus... s-save me...)

(Russian Troop) *begins growling, sensing something's up*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(....)

(Voidian Troop) *in Voidian language* <(Voidia, Save us all....)

  • There is a giant crystal spire in the middle, an odd creature sitting on top of it*

(Harold) *Crawls over and starts bowing*

  • Upon closer inspection, the creature is really a mutated pregnant woman, with grey skin and crystals growing out of her*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(I've never seen something so... horrible...)

(American Troop) *begins reciting prayers to self*

(Voidian Troop) *in voidian* <(We are in the presence of the Devil Herself)

(Russian Troop) *growling grows*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Commanders, Operatives, Operators, Leaders, is this what you wanted to see?)

  • The crowd clears out from in front of the spire, a woman in what appears to be ceremonial garbs walks out*

(High Preistess)<(HAIL GARSPECTH!)

(Voidian Troop) <(If this isn't the Devil, I don't know what this is....)

(American Troop) *continues reciting verses, each recital becoming faster and more spastic, with more errors*


(Recon Unit Leader) <(Men... fall back.)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Now.)

  • The crowd lets out cries of shock*
  • A group stops them*

(Voidian Troop) *trying to resist being controlled*

(Russian Troop) *obviously panicking, but trying to keep growling in an attempt to intimidate the group*

  • A man is pulled out from a hole in the ground, wearing a GDF uniform*

(American Troop) *crying* <(Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven...)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(What in god's green earth...) *Raises his gun, unprofessionally*

(Random Troop)<(NO! PLEASE! NO!) *is thrown to the ground*

(High Preistess) *takes out a jagged knife*

  • The crowd starts singing in an unknown language*

(Russian Troop) *still barely has a clue as to what's going on*

(American Troop) *his reciting has become incoherent babbling, mixed with intense sobbing*

(High Preistess) *proceeds to mutilate the man in various areas*

(Recon Unit Leader) *Raises a gas bomb, noticing a slight exit. He whispers to the troops...* <(I will try to distract them... leave through that escape route...)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(Do not make any sudden movements... I will stay behind...)

  • the woman on the spire begins to scream, her stomach growing*
  • The crowd gasps*

(High Preistess) *looks on in awe* <(It is time!)

(Recon Unit Leader) *Grimaces, realizing his plan won't work anymore*

(Russian Troop) *obviously disgusted*

(American Troop) *throws up*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(This is how it ends... this is how New York City goes to the sh*ts... this is how the US goes to sh*ts... this is how the world ends.)

  • The woman's stomach begins to turn red*

(Recon Unit Leader) *Breaks down, horrified by the imagery*

  • She screams in pain, it ripping open, a large amount of energy being released*
  • With the last of her strength, she holds up a creature....a creature slightly Gojiran in appearance, but different...*

(American Troop) <( I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT WAS A KAIJU!)

  • The crowd roars in happiness*

(GDF Commander) *f*cking pukes, obviously disgusted

(GDF Commander)<(WHAT THE F*CK?!)


(GDF Operator of Japan) <(The King...? This is no King...)

(???) <( AstroGodzilla_Roar.ogg )

  • All the once affected by the hypnosis are suddenly on the ground, screaming in pain*

(Troop 5)<(GO NOW!)

(Recon Unit Leader) <(All squad members! FALL BACK!)

(Russian Troop) *runs off concisely, knowing where his destination is and how to get to it*

(American Troop) *stumbles around while running, stopping to vomit every now and again*

(High Preistess) *suddenly and violently transforms into a hideous giant bug with crystals growing out of it, screaming in pain which turns into monsterous roars*

  • The rest of the crowd begins turning into downplayed versions of it*

(Recon Unit Leader) *Stays behind to fend off the monsters*

(Recon Unit Leader) <(COME GET SOME! Alien f*ckers!)

(Recon Unit Leader) *Unloads everything he has into the crowd to distract them*

(Troop 5) *is violently mauled*

(Russian Troop) *continues running to the exit, trying to be as sneaky about it as possible*

  • Meanwhile, the creature sits atop the spire, a smile on its face*
  • The bugs begin overwhelming the Leader, allowing the others to escape*

(Recon Unit Leader) *Gives his troops a thumbs-up before biting the dust*

(American Troop) *manages to escape, but is crying and screaming the entire way*

  • Troops 2 and 4 manage to escape, getting back to the maser tanks*

(Russian Troop) *escapes as well, crying and babbling in no discernible tongue*

(Maser) s *Begin firing at the bugs that try to escape the city*

  • Helicopters air lift the survivors out*

(GDF Operator of Japan) <(.....)

(GDF Operator of Japan) <(What do you make of this... sirs?)

(GDF Commander)<(WHAT THE F*CK?!)

(GDF America Commander) *passed out*

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