The Inari
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Majin Tuol (master)
Stone Fox
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This has been the Inari. „ 

— The Inari always before leaving.

The Inari (イナリ, The Inari) is a mystical talking stone fox and Majin Tuol's messenger. He is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


The Inari is a very, very mysterious but wise and peaceful entity who speaks in a very loud and booming voice and seems to know a lot. He takes on the role of a messenger and is very loyal to Majin Tuol.



Virtually, almost nothing is known about The Inari's past save for the fact that he is one of Majin Tuol's loyal messenger and is a somewhat mystical figure to the Godzillans.

Debut: Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 1

The Inari made his first appearance when he appeared into Kunin's dream after Kunin crash-landed onto Heck. In the dream, Kunin found himself in a completely black background, up until a colorful burst of flames erupted in front of him, revealing The Inari.

The Inari spoke to Kunin, telling him that he could help end their Manto problem. The Inari said the one they seek; Majin Tuol was in fact buried somewhere near the planet on someplace called the "Graveyard". Kunin thanked the Inari for his help and asked him if he could help further, but The Inari said no because his time was running out, Kunin was going to be awakened and the Inari had said enough. The Inari then vanished into an array of flames, and then Kunin was then woken up.

Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 2

The Inari appeared again to Kunin's dreams after Kunin was briefly knocked out unconscious during their fight with the giant Living Sunerian Statue. In it, he told Kunin that they had succeeded in waking up Majin Tuol, but warned Kunin that he had to wake up now, because he was laying at the same place Majin Tuol was going to rise up from and that he could be very enraged, so he told him to wake up, after this the Inari took off once more, as Kunin then woke up, with Gamoni by his side. Kunin and Gamoni then ran way from the spot they were in as Majin Tuol rose from the ground.


  • Colorful Flames Projection: The Inari can make himself appear through a colorful array of flames and can disappear into a fiery explosion.
  • Dream Walking: The Inari can enter in people's dreams.
  • Dream Communication: The Inari can speak/communicate to people in their dreams.
  • Future Vision: The Inari can see multiple future outcomes and probabilities.


  • Interestingly enough, he only always referred to as "The Inari" meaning that "The" is actually part of his title.
  • The Inari originates from the book/scrapped film A Space Godzilla (1979).
  • Oddly enough, despite being a talking white stone-fox, he's probably one of the least weirdest things from A Space Godzilla...
  • The Inari seems to only appear in dreams.