The Return of Devil Ghidorah
Date Performed
Devil Ghidorah
Kamen Rider Amazon
Alpha Kumasogami
NES Mecha-King Ghidorah
Eagle Mothra
Godzilla 1989
Godzilla 1969
NES Destoroyah
Light Ghidorah
Shadow Ghidorah
Unleashed Titanosaurus
Hellish! Kaishin Muba
Small Kumasogami
Dark Nova Lord

The Return of Devil Ghidorah is a Role Play Event that happened on 11/22/14.


Light Ghidorah crashes on Earth in Siberia, nearly dead. SS sees her, and walks up to her body. Just then, Shadow Ghidorah shows up and claims of something called "The Merge", and then is attacked by SS and Godzilla 1969. Shadow Ghidorah manages to complete the Merge, causing an explosion. Just then, the bodies of Eagle Mothra and Godzilla 1989 fall from the sky. Devil Ghidorah rises from the ashes, then attacks the two and flies off once he hears Mothra's voice. He confronts Mothra and reveals his identity, then attacks SS and 69. FoxMask soon shows up and attacks Devil Ghidorah, draining his energy. Devil Ghidorah takes energy back from beam attacks and Orochi's spirit, but is still weak. He attacks FoxMask, but SS summons the Chimera and NES MKG. Devil Ghidorah evens the odds by summoning Mogu (in a trance), DemonGoji, and many Kumasogami. SS and the NES Kaiju soon leave, and the Alpha Kumasogami arrives to fight. Devil Ghidorah gets his wing ripped and leg paralyzed, but the Alpha Kumasogami gives his life to heal them. Mogu, the Kumasogami and DemonGoji attack Godzilla 69, gaining the upper hand until Titanosaurus arrives. Mogu is knocked out by Titanosaurus and DemonGoji is thrown out of the fight. Devil Ghidorah gains the upper hand in the sky, but Kamen Rider Amazon shows up and knocks him to the ground. Devil Ghidorah releases a pulse of light energy, which harms everyone. Hellish Kaishin Muba arrives and rips off a piece of Devil Ghidorah's tail and runs with it. FoxMask then rips Shadow Ghidorah's soul out of him, then consumes it, as Amazon destroys his heads. Light Ghidorah is freed, but moves on to the after life. Devil Ghidorah's body explodes devastatingly, but most survive. FoxMask consumes the pieces of the body that are left over. Mogu wakes up without any memory and returns home, and Eagle Mothra and Godzilla 1989 wake up and mourn the loss of Light Ghidorah. Meanwhile, The Dark Nova Lord has watched the whole battle, and devises a way to get rid of FoxMask...

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