— Gojiran103 upon the start of the fight

The Rule of Three Gigantis is a way of Role-Playing invented by GarudaGoji, Gojiran103 and Ghidorahnumber1.

How it works

The Rule of Three Gigantis is when three (Or more) of the exact same character are fighting while being used by different users. No names can be said (Such as "attacks Ghidorahnumber1's Gigantis"). It results in much confusion and hilarity.


This is a form of Crack RP. This means it is not canon. So don't get mad if someone uses your character. And this can only be used with permission from all users.


  • User1: (Gigantis) *appears*
  • User2: (Gigantis) *also appears*
  • User3: (Gigantis) *punches Gigantis*

— Gojiran103, showing the point of the RP

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