Date Performed
Around September or November

The Third Monster Island War is an upcoming war in the MIW trilogy//lineage, and marks the last in its series, after The First Monster Island War and The Second Monster Island War. It was created by Krazar77, the creator of the trilogy.

Teaser Trailer

The teaser starts off with a panned out view of a scorched Monster Island, then zooms down to shown BirthGoji with several Riders. One of the Riders then signals the others to move forward, but when one does so, something bursts through a wall and stabs the rider in the chest. Another creature then bursts through the wall, sending rubble and riders everywhere. Time seems to "slow" as the song for the trailer begins playing.

BirthGoji seems to be unfazed by the debris and sudden attack on the riders, walking forward further. As Birth continues to walk, the camera pans over to his side, showing the battle between the riders and the creatures in slow motion. Eanif is among the riders, being blasted by an explosion.

Two Kaiju then land, a new breed of Gyaos and a new type of kaiju. The two kaiju fire their beams, which arc up to hit something. Time seems to stop as that something is revealed to be shadow of the main villain of the war. The villain puts his hands on the blast and slides it across, time unfreezes at the beams fly past the villain and 

Time unfreezes as the explosion engulfs the area behind the villain. The villain then charges forward, as time slows down to show BirthGoji  walking toward the villain. BirthGoji  looks up to see Mothra and Rodan crash into the unknown creature and the Gyaos.

The main villain then walks past the battle, unfazed. The main villain then forms a weapon in his right hand from his gauntlet. The camera pans out, showing soldiers from the opposing side.

Then Kunin and Rozan  appear, heading into the battle. More kaiju appear, the three in the lead being Ultraman, Gamera and Okami.  The Opposing Soldiers then charge while their leader does nothing but smirk, before putting his weapon on his shoulder.

BirthGoji walks up to the villain, crossing his arms. The battle stops for a moment, showing the forces mid-clash. The camera then pans up to show the battle, showing it growing larger and larger. It then pans further up, only showing the island.

The title, "Third Monster Island War", appears, followed by the tagline: "The Saga Ends this Winter".


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Front information


Battle History





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Guest Characters/Cameos

Other or Additional Info

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Members who survived

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Fallen Members

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  • The Teaser trailer for MIW3 was inspired by the Halo wars 2 trailer shown by 343 at E3

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