The Trilopods
Trilopod swarm.
Used by
Themselves, People who control them.
The Earth.
Alien Insects
58 meters (Alpha) 102 meters (Beta)
100 meters (Alpha) 213 meters (Beta)
Comic Monster

The Trilopods (トリロポッド, Toriropoddo) are an insectoid-like kaiju species who first appeared in the Rulers of Earth comics and can be used by anyone. 


The Trilopods' general physical appearance is much like real arthropods. The Trilopods have a Trilobite-like shell, pedipalps lined with sharp teeth and radial mouths resembling those of Anomalocaris, and sharp arm-like scythes with red spheres.

Whilst all the 'base' Trilopods share common features, the Beta Trilopods are taller than their alpha counterparts; mostly so that they can fight other Kaiju using their massive scythes.


  • To be added.


Alpha Trilopod

Trilopod Alpha Concept Art

  • Armored Exoskeleton: Th alpha trilopods has an armored exoskeleton that allows the alpha too tank some physical and beam attacks
  • D.N.A. Absorbing bite: Unlike its beta brothers, the alpha trilopods can bite down on any enemy and absorb their dna and store it in there bodies (see hybrid transformation)
  • Hybrid Transformation: The Alpha trilopods can transform into a hybrid by climbing onto a betas back and attaching itself to the beta. It then transfers the dna it absorbed into the beta and the two kaiju glow a green aura (and there eyes glow green as well). They then combine and transform into a hybird kaiju, which takes on the physical traits and abilities of the hosts D.N.A.

Beta Trilopod

Beta Trilopod

  • Armored Exoskeleton: The Beta Trilopods have an armored exoskleton that allows them to tank some physical attacks and some ranged attacks
  • Scythes: The Beta trilopods have large, sharp scythes that can cut, bash, or jab kaiju. They little hooks on there scythes can also hold things (IE Godzillas mouth to keep him from firing his Atomic blast).
  • Chest cannons: While not shown in the comic, its said that the trilopods can fire beams of energy from there chest.
  • Hybrid Transformation: The Beta Trilopods can transform into a hybrid by allowing an alpha trilopod to attach itself onto its back and transfer/share the dna the alpha absorbed. The beta and alpha then glow a green aura around there bodies (there eyes glowing green as well). They then combine and transform into a trilopod-kaiju hybrid, which takes on the physical traits and abilities of the hosts D.N.A.


The Trilopods can be described in one word: Hunters. While there numbers and powerful abilities alone make them a threat, their most dangerous quality is there ability to strategize and take out kaiju with those strategies. 


  • The Trilopods could be a nod to the xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. Both are parasitic like creatures, take the D.N.A. from hosts and become a hybrid of sorts, use strategies to take down foes stronger then themselves, have a large hive, and a massive ass queen to boot. 

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