The Abominable Snowman
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BirthGoji, Snowflake.
Mutated Gigantopithecus Blacki
Earth Defender
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The Yeti is an evolved and mutated version of the Gigantopithecus Blacki used in roleplay by MechaZero101.


Millions of years ago, right as the Ice Age started, a group of travelling Gigantopithecus' entered the icy area, at first it was hard to survive, but the giant apes started to adapt, growing white fur and learning to walk upright.

The Gigantopithecus' were thriving, having a diet mostly consisting of fish, but a new underwater species has been hunting down the giant apes.

Only a few remained, and those inspired the legend of the Yeti. In the present day, as a young ape was about to get eaten, a scientific group, sent there to find titanic monsters for study and military purposes, saved the little creature and captured him.

Many experiments were conducted on the giant white ape, but the last was when he was introduced to radiation, causing him to mutate grow in size, Snowgorn, as a woman one called him rampaged through the city until he was put to sleep via newly made sleep missiles, Snowgorn was then taken to Antarctica and was left there.

It is unknown what happened to Snowgorn later on, other than him being well and alive.


Snowgorn is a surprisingly a peaceful and calm monster, often isolating himself in his cave. However; he can get into fights easily, as he is aggressive to strangers. However, helping him will make you his friends, and when he does have friends, he will protect them with his life.


Snowgorn is a white, somewhat humanoid ape with a very muscular and hairy build, his fur is white and brown covering his whole body to protect himself from the cold, his face is brown as well as his feet and hands which possess sharp claws.


  • Strength: Snowgorn is physically capable of destroying a mountain with a few punches.
  • Agility: Due to having ape origin, Snowgorn is very agile, even for his size.
  • Ice Breath: Snowgorn is able to focus the cold in his mouth and concentrating it, causing blue flames to erupt from his mouth, Snowgorn blows it out as a beam of blue fire unleashing from his mouth, able to freeze many things easily.
  • Bite: Snowgorn's bite is considered fatal as he is able to inject some kind of poison that can potentially freeze an opponent's heart, literally.
  • Claws: Snowgorn's claws are very sharp, and can also cause infection to any wound they cause.


  • Snowgorn was formerly called 'The Yeti'.
  • This page was a horrible mess when it was first created.
  • Snowgorn is MechaZero's first OC and Kaiju, and the first roleplay character he's used.