Yeti/Megapithecus Yeti
Used by
15 (can live up to 250)
2-5 meters (infant)
18 meters (Adult)
110 meters (Mutated)
115 meters (Freezing Mode)

The Yeti is an evolved mutated version of the gigantopithecus blacki used in roleplay by MechaZero101.


A gigantopithecus blacki group fled to the icey regions of earth at the time where the astroid that killed off the dinosaurs was about to hit earth,because of earth's increased temperature at that time,they had been living very good lives,until one day,they went hunting for fish(they were great swimmers because of their evolution)they saw a LEVIATHON a species close to the Mosasaur that was very big,it ate two yetis but couldn't get the others because it couldn't get to the surface,but as time continues to move,their species starts to die out,humans at that time already know about kaiju life,they went on the hunt for one,they searched the cold regions of earth,they found a baby yeti just roaming,they captured him and took him to New York,where they experimented on him for 5 years,they exposed him to too much radiaton mutating it's genes making it grow larger and increase it's lifespan,aswell as changing his appearance and giving him new powers,he goes beast mode on New York,intil they cause it to pass out,they transport him to his home where he finds that the leviathons have killed most of his species and have developped legs,he goes on a mission to bring them to extinction,now he helps the tribes there that worship him ward off leviathons,while they give him the food he needs,but he eats so little as the cold satisfies him.


  • Before Mutation: He looks Like an oversized white gorilla.
  • Mutation: He looks like a bipedal white ape,with a black face,black hands,feet and a black abdomen,He also has white eyes that change blue when he fires his icebreath.
  • Freezing Mode: "Glowing blue scars" form on his abdomen,He grows Black Horns,his palm glow blue,and he becomes bigger,stronger,and gains a bulkier build.


  • Strength & Agility: He is very strong and fast,he can pick up objects and enemies ten times his size.
  • IceBreath: He is able to fire a blast capable of freezing enemies and locations.
  • FreezeRay: A stronger Version of The IceBreath,He can blast a "Laser-like" beam capable of freezing the hottest of volcanoes,and is very fast,although using it takes so much of his energy,and takes time to charge.
  • Cryokinesis: Able to Summon Ice anywhere,Examples:Ice spikes,Ice paths,Ice Boulders, etc...
  • Freezing Lightning: In his Freezing form,He can shoot freezing lightning that are very fast from his horns


He is a very territorial kaiju that destroys those who hurt his loved ones and those he is loyal to,he is very intelligent,he studies his enemy's attacks so that he can overpower them,some see him as a monster,some see him as a god,but his true nature is still unknown.

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