The timeline and multiverse of the RPverse is everything what it is composed of. This includes real world events, television, movie events, video game events, current events, and other events within that category. The multiverse is the indefinite of space and time, seeing as there is only one and will never run out, always stretching far throughout space and time. As previously said, the multiverse is everything, and there is only one multiverse. The multiverse includes inside of it, billions of universes together are held. These can be referred as worlds/alternate worlds. Universes carry galaxies, constellations, and their own solar systems. By order, their are the galaxies and any other additional objects. Inside the galaxies are multiple of solar systems, these can be referred as whole as alternate dimensions. There are countless alternate dimensions/galaxies, approximately tracing to over a trillion. Alternate dimensions and worlds, or universes as a whole can carry their own unique objects. Such as one of them can have two solar systems in the same galaxy, over a thousand suns in two different galaxies, extra planets, etc. Usually, alternate dimensions and worlds would have differences. When saying the term world it would refer that the world/universe has absolutely no relation to any other universe. Like for example the mainstream RPverse. Only its galaxies which are alternate dimensions would have similarities with them. Alternate dimensions are as said, inside galaxies, therefore share similarities with other galaxies and alternate dimensions in the same universe.

  1. Universe-515 (Mainstream RPverse, currently W.I.P)
  2. Universe-117 (Alternate Showaverse, currently W.I.P)

Additional universes to be added by owners.

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