Trahir (Black and White) NEW
Used by
Sue Hunters
Mary Sues, Gary Stus, others
200 meters
500 meters
Sue Hunters
Seriously? I was possessed by this idiot? „ 

— Trahir on the Anomaly

Trahir is a Sue Hunter, former Rogue Sue Hunter, and Okami M.U.T.O.'s former archnemesis.




As Anomaly Trahir, he had a rather erratic personality, with it seeming to change based on whichever would be proper for the current situation, though it often mirrored that of a spoiled child. He would also have temper tantrums, in which he would cause much destruction.

Currently, Trahir is extremely serious with almost no taste for fun. He cares only for his assignment, no matter if it's given by someone else, or given to himself by himself. Trahir is also incredibly remorseful of the actions committed by the Anomaly while he possessed him, and is frustrated when people equate him to the Anomaly.

Despite this, however, he seems to have a very faint love for his creator, seeing as how he kept the name "Trahir" in honor of him, instead of changing it. While it's often seen as a shock to many, some others interpret it as nothing more than the natural love from a child to his parent, no matter how horrendous the latter was.

Trahir is also currently exploring the multiverse, and believes that his personality may change later on based on the experiences he goes through.


  • Teeth, claws, tail, etc
  • Flight and levitation, as well as telekinesis
  • Can use telepathy to talk to those who are willing to listen
  • Can create portals
  • Good durability
  • Control over darkness
  • Limited control over traditional chaos
  • Black tentacles
  • Limited teleportation
  • Able to manifest raw energy and use it for a multitude of purposes
  • Equipment from his job
  • Two S-shaped blades that function similarly to boomerangs, which can also be gripped from a handle in the center
  • Can secrete a poison from his spines
  • Ultimate Attack: Currently Unknown


  • "Trahir" translates to "Betray" in French. 

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