Used by
Tsutabara (boss) (formerly)
General Heat Island (boss)
Gomira (comrade)
Alien Kamakama, Hittakura, Gold Kamitachi, Dark Warrior Zax
Kamen Rider Faiz, Sailor Fighter, Kamen Rider Agito, Earth Warrior Zeros, Daiki Kumera
Humanoid Chameleon Creature
2 meters
Earth Warrior Zeros! Character

Tsuresarila (ツレサリーラ, Tsuresarira) is a chameleon kaijin and a major enemy of Earth Warrior Zeros. He is an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Tsuresarila is a egotistic, slick and smug kaijin, believing himself to be a great ladiesman and tends to fight dirty. He is a little smarter than Gomirah and gets along well with him, as together the two can be a deadly tag-team.


Debut: Kamen Rider Faiz vs. Gomirah and Tsuresarila

Tsuresarila and Gomirah first made their appearance when they reached Nagoya early in the morning to wreak havoc. However, before the deadly duo could go any further were intervened by Kamen Rider Faiz. The two fought him off, but they were quickly overwhelmed.

As Kamen Rider Faiz was about to finish off him and Gomirah, out of nowhere came two Hittakura clones leaping in front of Tsuresarila and Gomirah, killing the clones. Tsuresarila and Gomirah then hid from the explosion and hid in the bushes were there they met Hittakura themselves. The trio then hid in the bushes for several minutes, to make sure that Kamen Rider Faiz was gone. They then afterwards left, as they were being needed for something very urgent and important...

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 1

Tsuresarila and Gomirah then continued to follow Hittakura into a forest area, which was swarming with bugs, but Tsuresarila himself didn't mind; eating at the bugs by catching them with his long tongue. Tsuresarila followed Gomirah and Hittakura until they reached a stop-point at the bottom of a mountain, where their they found some steel doors. The steel doors then opened up, allowing the three to enter in.

As they trekked in the base some more, they were approached by Gold Kamitachi, who said that "Tsutabara had been expecting them." Tsuresarila (as well as Gomirah and Hittakura) were then led into Tsutabara's lair. Tsutabara spoke of his plan on getting revenge on Sailor Fighter as well as ensuring his species would rise again. Tsuresarila was then commanded by Tsutabara to attack Sapporo and kill Sailor Fighter.

Later in Sapporo; Tsuresarila came in along with Gomirah and Hittakura to ambush Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter, but then Tsuresarila and the other four kaijin were intervened by the arrival of an old enemy of theirs; Earth Warrior Zeros, who had come to assist Kamen Rider Agito and Sailor Fighter. Tsuresarla teamed up wit Gold Kamitachi to fight against Earth Warrior Zeros, but he swiftly defeated and hurled onto a pile with the other defeated kaijin.

Before the three heroes could finish off Tsursarila and the other kaijin though, two giant monsters then burst out form the ground and challenged Sailor Fighter, Kamen Rider Agito and Earth Warrior Zeros, giving Tsursarila and the other kaijin enough time to escape.

The Revenge of Tsutabara Pt. 2

After the defeat of Yamalgon, Umigaron and Muchi and the arrival of the Tsutabarans; Tsuresarila along with the four kaijin met back up with Tsutabara and asked what would happen to them now. Tsutabara then declared that he no longer needed the five, as he had had the rest of his kind to back him up and said that the five of them had outlived their usefulness. With that, Tsutabara grabbed at the five kaijin with his vines and threw them away in the air, sending them flying off.

Daiki Kumera and the Yami Warriors


Dark Warrior Zax


Abilities & Arsenal

  • Strength
  • Adhesive Crawling: Like Hittakura, Tsuresarila can leap up and crawl on walls with ease.
  • Tongue: Tsuresarila can lash out his tongue out to use it like as a whip. Tsuresarila's tongue is very strong and durable as well, and is seemingly resistant against blades.
  • Fire Breath: When enraged, Tsuresarila can fire out a stream of powerful fire from his mouth.


  • Tsuresarila's name is also sometimes spelled as "Tsure Sarila".
  • Tsuresarila is the first enemy kaijin to have appeared in Earth Warrior Zeros!.