Ultraman Leo
Ultraman Leo
Used by
Other Ultramen, Kamen Rider J
Countless Kaiju and aliens, Gildefrum
M77 Ultra
20,000 years old
52 meters

Ultraman Leo, aka his human name of Gen Ohtori, is an Ultraman from the planet M77 in the Showa Ultraman universe. He traveled to this universe after Alien Babarue, but stayed on Earth.


Ultraman Leo is an Ultra that cares deeply for the well being of others. He often blames himself for his failure to protect others, and his anger at himself can affect his skills in combat. He is adaptive in battle, often recognizing attack patterns, then finding a way to cancel them.


First Appearance

Leo came to Earth, chasing Alien Babarue for taking his form. Leo arrived at the battle and witnessed Ultraman Belial and the fake Leo arguing. Babarue shed his disguise, began to fight Leo. Ultraman Ace arrived to aid Leo, and the two attempted to take down the three aliens. Leo fought Babarue, Alien Valky, and Samekaijura, but was defeated. He sent out an Ultra Sign, calling Ultras to this Earth. He then faded away into his human form. As Gen Otori, he sent out the capsule kaiju Windom to attack Valky, and put him out.

Second Appearance

Gen attacked Alien Valky as he killed a man out on a date. He beat Valky down, but he grew giant and tried to step on him. Gen shot Valky back, and then transformed into Leo to fight him. It was a short fight, and Leo beat Valky enough to nearly kill him. Leo then flew off.

Third Appearance

Gen flew the MACCY-3 at the attacking Gildefrum, but was caught by the robot. He detonated the missiles in the jet, harming Gildefrum's hand and allowing him to transform into Ultraman Leo. He began beating Gildefrum, and managed to get the upper hand. Things became even more in hi favor when Kamen Rider J showed up, and the two used their respective kicks to send Gildefrum into a retreat. Gildefrum exploded over the ocean, and Leo and J shook hands before flying off.

Fighting Style

Leo is a primarily physical fighter. Most of his range attacks aren't very powerful. He is highly trained in karate, and has powerful physical strength. His punches can severely harm a kaiju, more-so than other beings.


  • Beam lamp beam: Leo can fire a series of beams from his head lamp
  • Leo Kick: A flaming kick that can be used in several different ways; often used as a finisher
  • Leo Chop: A flaming karate chop
  • Ultra Double Flasher: A beam fired by crossing his hands wih his brother Astraret6
    • Ultra Zero Flasher: The Ultra Double Flasher performed with Ultraman Zero


  • Leo can only be on Earth for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.



Ultraman Leo Opening 1 ウルトラマンレオ OP102:47

Ultraman Leo Opening 1 ウルトラマンレオ OP1

Leo's battle theme

Ultraman Leo Opening 1 (40YEARS LATER) ウルトラマンレオ OP1 (40YEARS LATER)04:08

Ultraman Leo Opening 1 (40YEARS LATER) ウルトラマンレオ OP1 (40YEARS LATER)

Leo's theme 2

Ultraman Leo Opening 2 - Tatakae! Ultraman Leo ウルトラマンレオ OP2 - 戦え! ウルトラマンレオ02:26

Ultraman Leo Opening 2 - Tatakae! Ultraman Leo ウルトラマンレオ OP2 - 戦え! ウルトラマンレオ

Leo's theme when he fights a noticeably weak enemy

ウルトラマンレオ STEREO Soundtrack of Ultraman Leo - 真紅の若獅子01:36

ウルトラマンレオ STEREO Soundtrack of Ultraman Leo - 真紅の若獅子

Leo's basic battle theme, used when he enters

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