Underground Phantom
Underground Phantom
Used by
Mazaron Man, Mazarius
FlamingoMask, Cotton, Ayame, Unica, Sagiri, WolfMask, SquidMask
2 meters
Sailor Fight! Character

Underground Phantom (地底人, Underground Person) is a deranged moleman and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Underground Phantom is a creepy, repulsive and shrewd moleman who wants to be completely left alone and hates daylight.


Debut: Runaway Moleman At 12 O'Clock

Underground Phantom burrowed all his way to Yokohama to wreak havoc and began his rampage by tearing at several cars. As Underground Phantom continued to blast at the area with his finger lasers however, FlamingoMask fired a light beam at Underground Phantom, to get his attention. As Underground Phantom turned around, there was FlamingoMask and the five Units. FlamingoMask then got into battle position and attacked Underground Phantom along with the other Units.

As Sagiri slashed at Underground Phantom with her energy blade, FlamingoMask leaped in and punched and kicked against Underground Phantom. Underground Phantom then took enough and then burrowed underground. Only for then Underground Phantom to burst out of the ground, sending all of them but Unica flying back against walls.

Underground Phantom then then sent out a barrage of powerful lasers from his fingers at FlamingoMask, Cotton, Ayame and Sagiri, creating some explosions at them. Before Underground Phantom could do more damage though, Unica then acted in and then fired prism laser beams from her horn at Underground Phantom, inflicting some damage and distracting him. FlamingoMask and the other three Units then got back up and then started to wail on Underground Phantom.

After the four Units took their turns beating up Underground Phantom, FlamingoMask then shot a light beam against Underground Phantom, followed up by using his Flamingo Kick, defeating Underground Phantom and sending him flying aways.

Terror or Mazarius Pt. 1

Underground Phantom was summoned by Mazaron Man to assist him on curing Yokohama and getting revenge on the living. Underground Phantom quickly went to work and dispatched some evil spirits to assist him. Underground Phantom then burrowed away, quickly going to work. As FlamingoMask landed down however trouble quickly emerged; a dirt explosion went up, Underground Phantom had returned! Underground Phantom threatened FlamingoMask that he had come back for revenge as did Mazaron Man, and that FlamingoMask's time had come. FlamingoMask didn't take Underground Phantom's warning seriously though, as he knew what Underground Phantom was up to and he had defeated him before. FlamingoMask then got into battle position and got ready to fight Underground Phantom.

Underground Phantom came prepared this time however and then unleashed an army of dark, evil spirits around to ambush FlamingoMask. As the horde of evil spirits surrounded FlamingoMask, suddenly then the horde of evil spirits are surrounded by incoming fiery black explosions. WolfMask had arrived to assist FlamingoMask fight against the evil horde. As the evil horde advanced, FlamingoMask got out his Wrecking Flail and WolfMask got out his katana; the two then sliced and bashed their way through the evil spirits. Underground Phantom then burrowed aways back to Mazaron Man.

Underground Phantom took part in the summoning of Mazarius, and decided to bring a new batch of evil spirits to combat the Shadowbloods again.

Terror of Mazarius Pt. 2

Underground Phantom then showed up with a new batch of evil spirits, albeit this time it was a smaller group. Luckily, SquidMask showed up to assist the two, dropping down next to FlamingoMask and WolfMask. Underground Phantom then ordered the new evil spirits to attack. FlamingoMask and WolfMask then grew to giant size to fight against Mazarius, while SquidMask stayed down to fight off the evil spirits and Underground Phantom. SquidMask and Underground Phantom fought for a while, which Undeground Phantom found SquidMask to be a very annoying opponent.

Sometime later, after Mazarius's destruction, the three Shadowbloods regrouped with each other, as now only Underground Phantom and Mazaron Man were left. As the three Shadowbloods reunited though, Underground Phantom reappeared to fight all three of them, as he was very enraged about Mazarius's death. Underground Phantom then went ballistic, firing a barrage of lasers from his fingers at SquidMask and FlamingoMask; to which FlamingoMask and SquidMask fought back by firing lightning bolts and light orbs at him.

WolfMask began to advance towards Underground Phantom slowly. Underground Phantom kept firing lasers around them, causing FlamingoMask and SquidMask to duck and cover. WolfMask then fought against Underground Phantom; their fight being brief but fierce. WolfMask ended the fight with Underground Phantom as he fired a thin dark energy beam through Underground Phantom's heart area, killing Underground Phantom. Underground Phantom then fell over and exploded.


  • Strength: Underground Phantom is strong enough to lift a car with ease and hurl it at his enemies.
  • Burrowing: Underground Phantom can burrow underground very quickly.
  • Finger Lasers: Underground Phantom can fire lasers from his fingers.


  • Underground Phantom originally was going to have Mazarius as his associate monster but this was scrapped. He was also going to have Neo El Gusano and El Gusano Gigante as his allies, but this too was scrapped.
    • Though later on, he would get to work with Mazarius (along with Mazaron Man) in the Terror of Mazarius mini-arc.
  • Underground Phantom comes from Sailor Fight! (2015) film.
  • He was the only main villain of the Terror of Mazarius mini-arc who was not a choju.

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