Unit 1 Cotton
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7 (actual age)
20 (mentally and physically)
168 cm
Nyo Robotics Character
Sparkly! „ 

— Cotton

To the rescue! „ 

— Cotton

Unit 1 Cotton (1号機コットン, Unit 1 Cotton) is a humanoid robot girl and a member of the Nyo Robotics. She is a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Cotton is a joyous, eager, cheeky, optimistic and goofy robot girl who is kind of odd but means well over all. She likes to explore new areas and likes to rock out along with the other Units. She can be a little lazy at times though and she also likes to hang out with Ayame, and if not Ayame, then Unica. 


Debut: FlamingoMask and the Units

Main article: FlamingoMask and the Units.

Runaway Moleman At 12 O'Clock

Cotton along with FlamingoMask, Ayame, Unica and Sagiri went to the Yokohama Bay Hotel, where Cotton was exploring at and just chilling. Their relaxation time was cut short however when when FlamingoMask discovered something outside of his window of their hotel room; a hideous moleman monster known as Underground Phantom was going around and wreaking havoc. FlamingoMask decided to act upon this quickly and brought the Units with him to combat against Underground Phantom.

As Underground Phantom continued to blast at the area with his finger lasers, FlamingoMask fired a light beam at Underground Phantom, to get his attention. As Underground Phantom turned around, there was FlamingoMask and the five Units. Cotton leaped up and fought against Underground Phantom first, bashing her energy batons against him. After Ayame shot her energy arrows against Underground Phantom then grabbed both Cotton and Ayame and threw them together, causing them to stagger back. Underground Phantom then took enough and then burrowed underground. Only for then Underground Phantom to burst out of the ground, sending all of them but Unica flying back against walls.

Underground Phantom then then sent out a barrage of powerful lasers from his fingers at FlamingoMask, Cotton, Ayame and Sagiri, creating some explosions at them. Before Underground Phantom could do more damage though, Unica then acted in and then fired prism laser beams from her horn at Underground Phantom, inflicting some damage and distracting him. FlamingoMask and the other three Units then got back up and then started to wail on Underground Phantom. After the four Units took their turns beating up Underground Phantom, FlamingoMask then shot a light beam against Underground Phantom, followed up by using his Flamingo Kick, defeating Underground Phantom and sending him flying aways.

With Underground Phantom now dealt with, FlamingoMask and the Units then went back to their Hotel and continued relaxing.

Attack of the Unidentified Flying Watermelon

Main article: Attack of the Unidentified Flying Watermelon.

The Mystery of the Choju Pt. 1

Cotton along with the other Units watched as FlamingoMask still lay resting on his hotel bed, which he had been lying there since after his grueling fight with the Watermelon Monster. Cotton asked Sagiri when he would wake up, to which Sagiri responded that he would most likely wake up in a hour or two. With FlamingoMask still out cold, Ayame suggested that all four of them should have to handle a ad situation that comes to them themselves. Cotton asked if they could just wake up FlamingoMask from his slumber to combat any threats that would come their way, but Ayame thought they shouldn't do that to Flamingo.

Later that day, while on patrol, Cotton and Unica got bored so they decided to play tennis with each other. Their game of tennis was interrupted however when a wild Naruton came in and attacked the the city of Yokohama, sending flying debris and dirt flying everywhere; Cotton and Unica ducked from the flying debris. The Units then ran in to fight the Naruton! Cotton started off her attack by bashing her energy batons against the Naruton's gut; to which the Naruton bashed it's claws against her, sending Cotton back.

After some further combat with the Naruton, a new opponent then arrived to the scene; the choju monster known as Unitang! The Naruton charged at Unitang, only for Unitang to then fire a stream of her sticky, rope-like webbing from her claws at Naruton. As the Naruton was caught up in the webs and began to roar; Unitang then leaped up in front of the Naruton and then grabbed it by it's legs with her claws, bashing the Naruton down on the ground again and again and again brutally. Unitang then hurled the Naruton against a few buildings, before then firing her Launching Horn at it, piercing through the Naruton and blowing up the buildings around it; killing the Naruton instantly.

Cotton along with Unica, Ayame and Sagiri were in shock; it seemed that Unitang was the bigger threat here. Untiang then saw the Units and then leaped behind a few buildings; seemingly disappearing. Or did she? Cotton and the other Units went to work to find Unitang.

The Mystery of the Choju Pt. 2

Two hours later, the Units continued their search for Unitang; as they were convinced that a monster like Unitang wouldn't show up just to cause trouble and then abruptly leave; something was fishy. As Cotton and Unica trekked through the streets, they were then approached by some group of ten mysterious biker women. At first, Cotton and Unica paid no mind to the biker women, as they thought they were simply travelers. But then, the ten biker women sped after Cotton and Unica, chasing them to the streets and trying to run over the two robot girls.

After Cotton and Unica finally managed to get away from the ten biker women for the time being and regroup with Ayame and Sagiri, the ten biker women returned to stir more trouble with the four Units. However, it was then revealed at that moment that these ten biker women weren't real biker women, but actually a monster in disguise! Ayame then stepped forward and told off the "ten biker women" that she and the Units knew what was really going on and told them that they should drop the disguise or else that they would do this the hard way. The ten biker women were then caught in the act, and then transformed into their true from; Unitang.

Unitang roared and then advanced towards the Units. Unitang started off the fight by using her Flashing Horn around the Units's area, creating a big explosion around them; which the Units avoided by leaping out of the way from the blast. Unit 1 Cotton leaped up bashed her Energy Batons against Unitang's chest, followed up by Unica firing her Prism Beams at Unitang's face, causing Unitang to stagger back. Sagiri then leaped up and took out her Dynamite Blade, swinging it across the Unitang's chest. Angered, Unitang then bashed Sagiri off of her with her claws and then fired a stream of webs from her claws at Cotton, sending Cotton flying against a building and trapping her in a web.

After FlamingoMask's arrival and duel with Unitang, Unitang was soon defeated, thus causing her webs to disappear, freeing Cotton and the other Units. Cotton, Unica, and Sagiri regrouped with Ayame and FlamingoMask and then walked back to the Yokohama Hotel, their work there now done.

Have A Nice Day!

Cotton along with FlamingoMask and Ayame later went to the nearby festival in the center of the city of Yokohama. While FlamingoMask and Ayame talked down below, Cotton rode the ferris wheel. While they were having fun though, something then came to rudely interrupt their time; Alien Zagon appeared to wreak havoc. As Alien Zagon began firing energy bolts at fleeing civilians, FlamingoMask, Cotton and Ayame appeared to confront Alien Zagon and prepared to fight him. Alien Zagon revealed that he wasn't alone though and summoned one of his monsters Momo Zagon to assist him. Alien Zagon then grew to giant size, laughing at FlamingoMask, Cotton and Ayame.

FlamingoMask said to Cotton and Ayame that they would have to fight them individually, so he suggested he would Alien Zagon while they would fight Momo Zagon. As Cotton and Ayame went to fight Momo Zagon, FlamingoMask flew up and changed into kaiju size to better combat Alien Zagon. Momo Zagon ran in to fight against the two Units. Momo Zagon shot some supersonic waves at few buildings but is then hit by the energy arrows, causing him to stagger back; Cotton then bashed against him using her energy batons.

Momo Zagon retaliated by slamming the two Units into a building and then swung his tail down to crush them, but they managed to quickly escape in time, leaving Momo Zagon to crush the empty building with his tail. Momo Zagon then spotted Cotton and Ayame and then rammed at them, only to crash into a building with his head, as the two Units managed to run out of the way and tricked him into crashing against it.

Upon Ultraman Nice's arrival, Cotton and Ayame stepped aside, as Ultraman Nice and FlamingoMask had this from now on. After Alien Zagon and Momo Zagon's defeat, Cotton and Ayame regrouped with FlamingoMask and then went home with him.

Imitation Flamingo

Cotton made her briefest appearance when she went to the fridge to get something, a almost frozen FlamingoMask then fell down to the floor, confusing Cotton. FlamingoMask asked Cotton to unthaw him as he would explain to her what had happened and that there was trouble that he had to attend to. Cotton then unthawed FlamingoMask, to which Flamingo flew outside to fight his impostor.

Project Spartan

Later on, FlamingoMask talked to the Units about his battle with the Choju a few nights ago where he, WolfMask and SquidMask had to fight them off. Sagiri responded that that sounded like a weird trip, to which FlamingoMask said was something of an understatement. As FlamingoMask talked the Units some more though, a giant splash could then be heard, followed up by several loud metallic noises; a giant nuclear submarine mecha had arrived to wreak havoc. It's name was Spartans TC. FlamingoMask was puzzled as to what it was, to which Sagiri answered him. According to Sagiri, Spartans TC was a scrapped GDF mecha that was made over a decade ago. Why it was attacking the city or why it was active again was unknown to her however.

FlamingoMask knew what he had to do. FlamingoMask then flew up and grew to giant size to better combat Spartans TC. Cotton along with the other Units watched as Flamingo and later Ex-Aid teamed up to defeat Spartans TC and Spartans GX. After the battle, FlamingoMask flew back down and regrouped with the rest of the Units.

Lights Out for FlamingoMask

Cotton along with the other Units were attending their own business up until they saw FlamingoMask shoot out many light beams outside. Cotton then found out that FlamingoMask was being under attacked by a bat kaijin known as Bat Sister. Bat Sister then sprayed her poisonous gas at FlamingoMask and the Units; causing the five to leap away from. As they avoided the poison gas though, Bat Sister then got away from them and then flew into the city, wreaking havoc. FlamingoMask knew that she was very dangerous enough, so FlamingoMask and the Units then ran into the city to combat Bat Sister. As they entered the city, Cotton and the Units quickly went to work to stop Bat Sister.

Unica then fired her Prism Beams at Bat Sister, causing Bat Sister to be flying off balance a bit, followed up by Cotton bashing Bat Sister with he energy batons. Bat Sister retaliated by slashing her claws against Cotton, sending her back down. FlamingoMask then charged in and got out his Wrecking Flail, bashing it back and forth against Bat Sister. Bat Sister retaliated by slashing her claws against FlamingoMask's chest, making FlamingoMask stagger back. The Units then all leaped and fought against Bat Sister, only for Bat Sister to rain down poison needles down around them. The Units leaped up to avoid the needles and then avoided the explosion, albeit it was a close one. Bat Sister flew up and prepared to ambush the Units; but before Bat Sister could leap up and tackle them however, FlamingoMask then came in and fought against her, defending the Units.

As Bat Sister began to slowly rise up, FlamingoMask then ran at Bat Sister at high speeds, punching and kicking against her before then throwing her in the air, allowing the Units to deliver the last blow against the kaijin. Unica and Ayame then both fired their Prism Beams and Energy Arrows at Bat Sister, sending Bat Sister flying far away, before then crash-landing down against a sandy area, creating a big sand explosion, defeating Bat Sister. FlamingoMask and the Units then struck victorious poses and then walked away, their work there now done.

Crazy Smog Gas of Doom!

Main article: Crazy Smog Gas of Doom!.

The Buzz on Waspinator

Waspinator appeared to wreak havoc on the city of Kagoshima. He began to wreak havoc on the city of Kagoshima, flying around and shooting his stinger lasers at random cars, blowing them up and scaring off many civilians. The Units took quick notice of him and then rushed to the scene of the attack to stop Waspinator. Ayame fired her energy arrows at the wasp monster, striking it hard and then causing it to fall down to the ground. Waspinator then flew back up quickly, glaring at the four Units, it then flies towards them as if in anger. He then landed down in front of the four and then begins to transform into his bipedal monstrous form.

Waspinator then began to call out the Units for ruining his "planz". The four Units then got into battle position, to which Waspinator then began to fire his Stinger Lasers at the Units; the stinger lasers's blasts caused some minor explosions around the Units's area. Sagiri leaped up first and then slashed her Dynamite Blade against Waspinator. Waspinator then slashed back against Sagiri with his claws, following it up by ramming against her, causing her to be hurdling back. Unica then blasted her Prism Beams against Waspinator to which Waspinator got annoyed by and then fired his Stinger Lasers back at her, causing her to leap aways from the stinger lasers.

Cotton leaped up and repeatedly bashing her energy batons against Waspinator, following it up by kicking him in the face hard. Waspinator then grabbed Unica by the legs and threw her against a wall. Ayame then returned, flying up above Waspinator and bombarding him with various energy arrows, blasting him hard and causing him to stagger back. Waspinator then went ballistic and started shooting at everything with his Stinger Lasers; Ayame, Cotton, Unica and Sagiri regrouped with each other while he was busy.

After several more minutes of shooting, Waspinator turned around, now realizing that the Units had been standing there all this time and he had been missing them. Feeling stupid, Waspinator then flew towards the Units, preparing one more attack. All four of the Units began to battle Waspinator hard, with Waspinator cackling and glowing with green electrical energy. Waspinator was then practically begging the Units to keep hurting him and causing him pain, to which Sagiri then realized he was about to "explode" on them all to take them down. Before Sagiri could warn the other three however, Waspinator then shot at Sagiri with his Stinger Lasers, saying the "smart lady-bot" talks too much. Ayame, Unica and Cotton then all realized that Waspinator was about to explode on them, so they tried to run away to avoid the blast, however it was too late as Waspinator then "exploded", creating a powerful blinding light of green energy and leaving a small crater behind.

However as it actually turned out, Waspinator faked exploding and instead had just created a minor power surge. Waspinator then captured both Cotton and Unica, taking them away with him as he had "planzzz" so to speak. Ayame and Sagiri would then follow after him.

Web of Deception

Waspinator flew into a jungle holding Cotton and Unica hostage; he then flew down and dropped the two Units down to the ground. As both Unica and Cotton asked as to where they were at; a voice could then be heard from above. They both looked around, but saw nothing. Then from out of nowhere a large spider then crawled down to the three's area. The giant spider then scuttled in front of them and then began to transform into her robot mode; revealing herself as Blackarachnia. Blackarachnia then inspected Cotton and Unica and asked Waspinator where he had found the two. Waspinator told her where he had found and asked if they could turn them into Predacons, which Blackarachnia though would be not needed; as she felt that they were not fit to be Predacons, beings that they were not Cybertronians.

Not wanting the two Units; Blackarachnia then told Waspinator to do whatever he wanted with them; to which Waspinator then charged at them. Before Waspinator could attack further however; Waspinator was blasted at by energy arrows; Blackarachnia turned around spotted Ayame and Sagiri. The two new Units challenged both Blackarachnia and Waspinator.

Cotton jumped towards Blackarachnia and bashed at her repeatedly with her batons. Blackarachnia was hit but growled in annoyance and then swiped her left leg against Cotton swiftly, sending Cotton back. As Blackarachnia and Waspinator regrouped; all of a sudden, a powerful beam of light then blasted at Blackarachnia and Waspinator's area, though mainly affecting Waspinator. The Units, Blackarachnia and Waspinator looked up to see where the beam of light came from; out from a flash of light came FlamingoMask! FlamingoMask shot a beam of light towards the two 'Cons and challenged Blackarachnia. FlamingoMask then flew and charged towards Blackarachnia, meanwhile the four Units fought against Waspinator.

Waspinator charged towards the Units, only for Sagiri to then run up and bash her Dynamite Blade against him, followed up by Cotton throwing her energy batons against him, causing sparks and flares to go off on him. Soon Sagiri defeated Waspinator with her charged up Dynamite Blade and following Blackarachnia's defeat; Cotton and the other Units (as well as FlamingoMask) then went back home.

The Wrath of Garbage Monster

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The Grand Return of Neo Bagan

Cotton along with the other Units played a small but important role in piloting Machine G in the fight against Neo Bagan, Neo Destoroyah, and Neo Megaguirus. As Machine G, the Units went up to fight Neo Destoroyah. After the defeat of Neo Bagan, Cotton and the other Units cheered inside of Machine G and then flew off along with FlamingoMask.

Hell Forged

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Dr. Cube Invades L.A.

Cotton along with the other Units showed in Los Angeles piloting Machine G along with FlamingoMask to stop Dr. Cube's forces from invading the city. Machine G went over and fought Napalean. Napalean fired his sleep spittle at FlamingoMask before then ramming against Machine G. Machine G was rammed against a building but then got back up and rushed towards Napalean. Napalean rolled towards Machine G, planning to knock it to the ground. Machine G then blasted it's missiles and Twin Maser Cannons at Napalean; knocking Napalean back into a building, and forcefully ejecting it from its armor, down for the count. Following Dr. Cube/Super Dimensional Slug One's defeat, Machine G and FlamingoMask were victorious and then flew back to Kagoshima.

Eyes of the Storm

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Gabara A Go-Go

While Sagiri was fixing Machine G, Cotton, Unica and Ayame were outside relaxing. But then suddenly and abruptly Gabara appeared to attack them. Gabara had heard that Ash took down their mecha Machine G and wanted to take them all down while they were defenseless. Before Gabara could attack the three Units however, something then smashed into Gabara's face, tired of him bullying others; it was none other than IguanaGoji! Gabara was surprised to see IguanaGoji but nonetheless was eager to fight him. The Units watched as IgauanaGoji fought Gabara.

After a long battle, IguanaGoji turned Gabara upside down, before pile driving his head into the ground beneath him. Gabara got back up and said he forfeited to IguanaGoji, to which IguanaGoji then clenched his fist, sucker punching Gabara in the face again; sending Gabara flying, causing him to land near the shores of the water and makes a huge splash, quickly defeating him. IguanaGoji was victorious and the Units were saved.

The Flamingo of Justice vs. The Mysterious Dark Masked-King

When FlamingoMask appeared to rescue the Units at Kaneohe, Cotton was among the Units who regrouped with him. However, a figure known as Dark Masked-King then appeared and attacked FlamingoMask. During the middle of FlamingoMask's fight, Cotton and Sagiri charged at Dark Masked-King and attacked him with their weapons, however Dark Masked-King was too powerful and easily defeated the two, badly damaging them. Dark Masked-King soon trapped Cotton in a dark energy chain along with the other Units. Cotton and the Units were soon saved by FlamingoMask when he unleashed his new technique, the Maximum Flamingo Beam against Dark-Masked King however, saving them from further damage.

Soon, Towa appeared and healed the Units, took Dark Masked-King away and then bashed FlamingoMask in the head with her staff, then teleporting away. Cotton and the other Units now healed then took FlamingoMaks inside of Machine G to heal.

Two New Units? Gevaudan's Great Counterattack

Sometime after dealing with New Kowloon, FlamingoMask, Cotton, Ayame, Unica and Sagiri all went to a restaurant to chill and hang out; celebrating of the recent New Kowloon mission and because it's been weeks now since they've last been attacked. Things have been going swell so far. After conversating with the Units some more about Machine G, FlamingoMask then went to get himself a drink.Before he could continue, then at the moment a loud energy blast could be heard coming out from outside, it sounded like a loud crash. The sounds of laser fire could then be heard.

FlamingoMask and the Units headed outside to see the carnage and there they saw Steamroller Robot then running over and flattening buildings with it's massive steamroller, also shooting energy bolts from it's antennaes down at some fleeing civilians. FlamingoMask suggested the Units to bring Machine G, despite the fact they hadn't tested him out yet since his repairs. FlamingoMask was going to assist the Units with him; but then Garuma and an army of Mecha-Mobsters appeared to stop him. Garuma challenged FlamingoMask to fight him; which FlamingoMask accepted, telling Garuma he would pay for this. The Units then went on, getting Machine G; FlamingoMask would then fight on Garuma and his Mecha-Mobsters.

When Steamroller Robot was attacking the city of Kaneohe, the Units got into Machine G and fought against Steamroller Robot. Machine G delivered some punches against Steamroller Robot, hitting hard. Steamroller Robot was hit, then shoots energy bolts at Machine G; sending sparks coming off of Machine G. Machine G then fired missiles from it's back towards Steamroller Robot, sparks and flares coming off of him. Steamroller Robot then rushed up and bashed it's steamroller against Machine G.

Machine G then rolled over, getting back up. Steamroller Robot then charged some more, shooting energy bolts at Machine G's area, creating some minor explosions. Meanwhile inside of Machine G's cockpit, Unica suggested to shoot at Steamroller Robot's antennaes, believing that that would take it down. Ayame then ordered the Cotton and Sagiri to shoot at it's anntenaes. Machines G's arms then transformed into Twin Maser Cannons and aimed at Steamroller Robot's antennaes. As Steamroller Robot charges at Machine G; Machine G then crouched down and blasted two powerful maser blasts at Steamroller Robot's antennaes, blasting them off at full force.

Steamroller Robot shrieks, smoke emits from where the antennaes once were, starts moving a little slower. Machine G then ran up and starts rapidly punching at Steamroller Robot; Steamroller Robot then started bashing back it's steamroller in retaliation. Sometime after Garuma's demise, Machine G and Steamroller Robot continued their brawl. Machine G whipped it's tail against Steamroller Robot, to which Steamroller Robot bashed against it. Machine G then fired it's missiles against Steamroller Robot. Steamroller Robot was blasted apart, smoking and sparks flying out, now heavily damaged. Machine G then activated it's Twin Maser Cannons and blasted maser cannons at full blast against Steamroller Robot; finishing off Steamroller Robot. Steamroller Robot's steamroller was destroyed and blown off as was it's chest; Steamroller Robot then fell over and exploded, destroying Steamroller Robot.

The Units then flew off with Machine G and regrouped back with FlamingMask (who also was with Brownie and Sonnet) to tell them of their successful mission. Following Steamroller Robot's defeat; the other Units then met back up with FlamingoMask, Brownie and Sonnet. Brownie was overjoyed to see Sagiri again and hugged her. Curious about Brownie and Sonnet, Sonnet and Brownie then invited FlamingoMask and the Units over to their place to get to known them more, which FlamingoMask and the Units accepted. Unit 8 Sonnet and Unit 5 Brownie then turn around, heading off to their place; FlamingoMask and the Units then followed.

Snowstorm of Peril

FlamingoMask and the Units got to Brownie and Sonnet's beach-house in Haleiwa, FlamingoMask made himself cozy and conversated with Brownie and Sonnet (with Ayame and Sagiri); then also discussing (and explaining) to them about the Mecha Gang. During this, Cotton watched TV in the living room. Their conversation was short-lived however, as then the Mecha Gang striked again in the city, their new giant robot Freezer Robot was attacking! FlamingoMask and the Units then headed towards the city, to which it also became evacuated due to the Freezer Robot causing a dangerous snowstorm. FlamingoMask told Cotton, Ayame, Unica and Sagiri to get inside Machine G and fight against Freezer Robot while he, Brownie and Sonnet would fight off the controller of Freezer Robot.

As Freezer Robot arrived in the city, he began to create a dangerous snowstorm, causing people to flee the city and freeze many buildings. Cotton, Ayame, Unica and Sagiri then took off by orders from FlamingoMask to get in Machine G and take down the snow machine. Freezer Robot continued his rampage seemingly unopposed up until something then shot maser beams down in front of Freezer Robot as he was wreaking a building with his right hand drill. Machine G roared and then soared in the skies, trying to get past the snowstorm, before then landing down and getting into a combat position against Freezer Robot. Machine G and Freezer Robot then charged at each other, clashing and wrestling against one another.

After a lengthy battle, Machine G then rapidly punched against Freezer Robot's chest; Freezer Robot was hit many times, then retaliated by bashing it's right hand drill against Machine G's head; sending sparks flying out from Machine G's head, staggering back. Freezer Robot then shot a barrage of snowballs from it's snow cannon on it's head against Machine G; Machine G got hit by a few snowballs, only to get back in the game and punch away at some of the snowballs. Unit 2 Ayame then ordered them to activate the Twin Maser Cannons and then Machine G crouched down, activating Twin Maser Cannons and shooting at Freezer Robot; causing sparks and flares to come off of Freezer Robot.

Freezer Robot retaliated by creating a dangerous snowstorm around them, then charging and bashing it's arm drill some more against Machine G, causing some flares to come off of Machine G. Freezer Robot froze some buildings from around them, then shooting more snowballs down at Machine G. Machine G retaliated by shooting missiles out from it's back, sending them all at Freezer Robot; Freezer Robot roared, eyes flashing as it's hit, it's snow cannon also smoking. The Units noticed this and then aimed for Freezer Robot's snow cannon. As Freezer Robot charged, Machine G then crouched down, activating Twin Maser Cannons and shooting at Freezer Robot's snow cannon on it's head; blasting it clean off.

Freezer Robot's eyes dimmed and then slowly moved around before then Machine G then followed up the attack by flying in, punching at it's chest and then kicking Freezer Robot up into the sky. As Freezer Robot was flying high into the sky, Machine G raised it's arms and then blasted it's Twin Maser Cannons against Freezer Robot at full charge. Freezer Robot then explodes once the beams hit him, sending out a flurry of snow blasting in the air; the deadly snowstorm as now no more. Machine G then struck a victorious pose and then flew off, heading back to base to meet up with FlamingoMask, Brownie and Sonnet.

As Cotton, she was glad that it was over with and then returned to watching "Wonder Seven" on TV; to which FlamingoMask joined her on watching.

FlamingoMask's Dire Earthquake Conflict

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The Superpowered Gang

Cotton along with the other Units and FlamingoMask to take down some group of superpowered gangsters who were destroying Tokyo, setting buildings to blaze. Cotton jumped into battle and did battle with the superpowered thugs first with her batons, though she found them a bit hard to fight off against. After the last remaining gangsters retreated, Cotton and the rest of the Units went back into Machne G to continue their journey.

The Unit's Inferno 

During the Fire Villains's rampage on Nagoya, the Units appeared to fight them off, Cotton included. Cotton was the first Unit to attack; she threw an energy baton at Jetbug's face, before it then returned back to her. Cotton and Ayame then went to fight Drilldozer, who was quite difficult due to his radioactive driller. To counter, Cotton fired blinding flashes of laserlight flashes from her torso at Drilldozer, temporarily blinding him and allowing Aymae to fire her energy arrows at him.

Drilldozer then blindly blasted magma spheres at Cotton and Ayame, up until he then finally recovered his sight, and began spinning around and swinging his drill rapidly at Cotton and Ayame. Cotton leaped up and threw her energy batons at Drilldozer at full force, before they then return to her, once again hitting him directly in the eyes and knocking him down and blinding him.

Folllowing the defeat of Jetbug, Cotton regrouped with the other Units and then went off, their work their now done with the Fire Villains defeated and going back to meet up with FlamingoMask.

Monster Assassin Squad

Cotton made a brief appearance in the RP, where she along with the other Units piloting Machine G flew to Ishinomaki to take a break there for a bit. Before FlamingoMask and the Units could do any relaxing though, the Mecha Gang had arrived (specifically, Bullets, Iron Jack, Dangan, Geno-Bat, Sadler, Fudaro and Barbe Q) on their motorcycles to hunt down FlamingoMask. Upon FoxMask's arrival, FlamingoMask joined the fight and ordered the Units to stand back. After the Mecha Gang's defeat and retreat, the Units (Cotton included) then cheered and FlamingoMask regrouped back with them.

The Mysterious Island Rises

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The Beasts of Sevigocan Island

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Bizarre Wrestling Kaiju Battle

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The Faceless Phantom Walks Among Us

Cotton along with Ayame and Sagiri joined in on FlamingoMask's and Neo SquidMask's journey to Kyoto to track down a ghost monster. Once they got there, Cotton was given a new arsenal from Sagiri. As Sagiri presented the new weapons to Cotton and Ayame, they then went searching for the ghost.

Once No-Face made himself visible to them, FlamingoMask then shot some light orbs at No-Face, but No-Face then floated out of the way in time, dodging. No-Faced looked at the five heroes below, seemingly confused about the ordeal. Decides to then fight back and summoned out a ton of flying gold pieces at the five heroes. Before FlamingoMask could even prepare to generate Flamingo Shield only then to get a lot by the flying pieces of gold, also hitting SquidMask in the eyes. Cotton got out here Robo Bazooka and then opened fire at No-Face. causing an explosion around him. Ayame then fired her energy arrows at No-Face, but they simply went through him. No-Face then blasted a stream of tar against Ayame, covering her in tar.

Sagiri then got up and swung around her Dynamite Blade against him, but it didn't do much to him. No-Face then bit on Sagiri's blade with his mouth and then threw her away against a tree. FlamingoMask and SquidMask then got back into battle, with SquidMask spraying a stream of ink at No-Face. SquidMask then summoned electricity from his tentacles to shock No-Face but it didn't do much to him and No-Face then blasted pieces of gold and tar at SquidMask's face, temporarily blinding him. Suddenly, No Face is caught off guard by several sword slashes; a figure appears nearby, wearing a black kimono, and holding a MASSIVE sword, the man has blinding orange hair, and a scowl on his face.

Ichigo then raised up his sword, before charging forward with surprising speed, despite the blade being bigger than his body; No-Face then shot a stream of tar from his mouth at Ichigo. Ichigo charged forward, disappearing before the tar hits him, and reappearing above No Face and slashing downward on him, followed up by FlamingoMask firing his Flamingo Beam against No-Face. Ichigo quickly followed up, gathering energy in the blade, before slashing it at No Face once more. No-Face then fell over down to the ground, defeated.

Following his defeat, No-Face then staggered back a bit and surrendered, his mask expressing a look of sorrow and regret. No-Face then explained to the heroes that he was lost and didn't know what this place is or who they are, having been stuck here for two weeks now and as a result, was being more aggressive than usual. No-Face then also apologized for attacking the heroes. Ichigo then came closer to No-Face, not wanting to harm him and then took out his sword.

Ichigo then placed the bottom of the sword against No-Face's mask slowly, before pulling it away, leaving a sort of stamp on his forehead, before a door opens up for No-Face to enter; Ichigo re-sheathed the sword, before motioning for No-Face to follow. No-Face then nodded and followed in. The two disappear, leaving behind the Units and the Shadowbloods. No-Face was then returned to his home in the Spirit World and all was right. With that all done, FlamingoMask then ordered the rest of his gang to that they were done there now and then flew off, heading back to home.

The Bat Invasion Pt. 1: Challenge of the Vampire Nobleman

Cotton made a minor but vital appearance in the RP where she was one of the many Units piloting Machine G to fight against EdoKong and WaseiKong. Following the defeats of the giant apes, Machine G then flew off to San Antonio. Later on, following Double Bat's arrival along with his army of bats, Cotton and the other Units followed FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask into Machine G. Along the way, Cotton fired her Robo-Bazooka at the bats to get them away from their house. Following a long battle against Double Bat and the bats, the Units and Machine G were victorious, but unfortunately Machine G was thrashed from the inside due to Salamander's internvention, Ayame had been capture and FlamingoMask was shot down.

Although she did not appear in parts two and three; she was aware of the fact that Ayame was eventually rescued.

King Ulysses

Cottong was among the many Units who joined in the fight against King Ulysses. After having her Robo-Bazooka shot being redirected from her against SharkMask instead, she instead fired at King Ulysses's back, only for King Ulysses to fire back at her. She was later rescued along with FlamingoMask and Neo SquidMask by SharkMask and the other Units.

Far Among the Galaxy Is Where Your Home Lies Pt. 1

Cotton appeared to help pilot Machine G in the RP, and mainly stayed inside through the whole time.

The Cat Creeps

Cotton appeared briefly towards the end of the RP where she came to help FlamingoMask, SwanMask and PuppetMask track down CatMask, only then to run into MouseMask.

Triple Devil Strategy

Cotton, Ayame, Unica and Sagiri continued their chase and fought off mainly against MouseMask. MouseMask retaliated by firing her Arm Cannons against them, however she then found herself in hot water as SaberMask then came in. All four Units then went over and started beating down on MouseMask, to which MouseMask then yelled for CatMask's help to do something, but CatMask retorted that she herself was busy as well. Sick of getting ganged up on, MouseMask then fired an EMP wave against the Units, temporarily disabling them. She was later rescued though, by FlamingoMask.

Arsenal & Abilities

Unit 1 Cotton Fullbody

Unit 1 Cotton

  • Energy Batons: Cotton can use one or two batons made up of light energy from her forehead gem and can use them to combat/bash against her foes. Hurling them will create some damage against her enemies. 
  • Wallcrawling: Cotton is capable of crawling on walls onto staying on ceiling stealthily.
  • Laserlight Flasher: Cotton can fire powerful flashes of laserlights from her chest to briefly blind her opponents and can also cause explosions.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Cotton can jump up to very high heights.
  • Robo-Bazooka: Cotton is equipped with a white and purple colored bazooka given to her by Sagiri. The Robo-Bazooka can fire out very powerful explosive rockets out and can create powerful explosions. It has limited ammo however.


Ouch! That's gotta hurt! „ 

— Cotton


  • She is also simply known as "Cotton".
  • Cotton was the first of the Nyo Robotics to be built and appear.
  • Cotton is currently the Units to have the most appearances.
  • Though not officially stated, it's possible that Cotton's motif is based on space aliens, given her design resembles a space suit and eyes are akin to that of grey alien eyes.
  • Originally, it was only going to be Cotton and Ayame who would have appeared first and sided with FlamingoMask. However, it was then decided by Gallibon the Destroyer that Unica and Sagiri would be there too.
  • Cotton is the only Unit to have red eyes.
  • Cotton was originally going to be capable of flight, but this was dropped.


Djs From Mars feat Fragma - Insane • LYRICS ON SCREEN •

Djs From Mars feat Fragma - Insane • LYRICS ON SCREEN •