Universe-069 is a RP universe created by Lord Ghetsis. Within this universe exist many races of aliens and other types of monsters. Factions also exist within this universe



The Creation of this Universe

In the beginning, there was nothing...mere emptiness and darkness. There were only the pagan gods and other deities, the angels, Jubileus the Creator and her dark counterpart Mundus. From her very hands, the goddess Jubileus formed galaxies and constellations, filling up the dark expanse of the universe. .On some planets, she had birthed a diverse range of lifeforms and races.

Heaven vs Hell (3 days after creation)

Having grown jealous of her work and the universe she had created, Mundus the dark counterpart of the great Jubileus, sought to ruin her creations and twist it into his own image, planning on ruling the universe as its god and leader. However, knowing that he was not powerful enough to contend with Jubileus and all the angels, he went to the pagan gods and deities and sought aid in his war. However the pagans wanted nothing to do with the war. Furious at their refusal, Mundus created and raised an entire legion of demons to aid him in his battle. It was then he confronted Jubileus and they clashed alongside with their army. After a long and drawn out battle, Mundus was finally defeated, his essence and the rest of his demons cast into the Nether/Hell. However as a last act of spite, Mundus used his remaining power to unleash the concept of sin into the world, stirring evil among Jubileus' creations. Weary and wounded from the battle, Jubileus rested within a statue, guarded by the other angels. Now in hell, Mundus began regaining his power and also plotted for the day when the universe and mankind would fall under his rule.

The Hunterbots vs Therapids 100 000 AC (After Creation)

NASA spots a huge, seemingly organic pod crash landing into the Pacific Ocean, near the shores of California. However when they send subrmarines to investigate the matter, the submarines are attacked by a strange sea creature. The next day, an immense horde of aliens of different shapes and sizes rise from the water and race onto land, attacking the city. The army dispatches units to defend against the aliens and they managed to force them into retreat, sending them back to the ocean. (WIP)

Galactic Hydrogue Invasion 500 000 AC (After Creation)

Being a xenophobic race of aliens that believed that other lifeforms were inferior and deserving of extermination. As a result they sent spaceships containing to other planets, preparing to attack and invade them. The Hydrogues possessed tech, capable of creating shielded bases with turrets and factories as well as mining machines to harvest mass and mass produce land, air and water units. However their opposition possessed the same forms of technology. In this era, the Hydrogues battled the UEF (Earth) , Cybran, Aeon and Seraphim. (WIP)

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