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The unknown WolfMask character is a mysterious character that has recently appeared in role-play, who appears as WolfMask.

Front Information






Appearing at Gallibon's home, he teleported there. He demanded that someone would step out from the house and combat him, knowing that Gamoni was in there - and was who he was looking for. Once she got out, Gamoni suggested that something was wrong with him, as she thought he was WolfMask. They fought, which ended up in the unknown character's favor. From examining Gamoni's weapon that allowed her to morph it into an energy whip and an energy mace, he was able to incorporate it into his own body and make a weapon similar - allowing him to surround any of two arms in purple, sharp energy, that would form an aura-blade.

He left, telling Gamoni that to expect something happening soon, "elsewhere". He then teleported away in purple energy. Shortly after leaving, he was able to morph his aura-blade into an aura shield.


Not much is known about his personality. He seems to be highly observant in fights, examining Gamoni's powers in order to make a power of his own from Gamoni.

He seems to have a strange conflicting side, seemingly unwillingly saying that he doesn't his body used as a vessel, and that he wants someone to free him. He seems to easily overpower this conflicting side and continue doing as he pleases.


His body looks exactly like WolfMask. Although, his appearance suggests a darker side. His white mask, or head alter to a dark gray color. His eyes are more sinister and sleeker. He wears clothing similar to a Supreme Kai's clothing and a cross between a gi, although it is deep black in color and has dark red trims all over. He wears white boots and white gloves, and has a dark red such over his waist.


Fighting Style

As of this moment, he appears to assault other's in a rather point-blank style with only his powers by energy projectiles, although it appears he can perform harsh melee attacks as well. He has a highly intellectual use in focusing on the fighter's abilities and try to make it out of an ability based on their own that he can use.

Current Abilities

  • Combat - He is capable of combat.
  • Ergokinesis (Purple) - He is capable of using purple energy.
  • Ability Imprinting - He is capable of learning and observing one's abilities, and then imprint them onto himself to create a similar ability or a ability made to completely counter theirs and use the ability against them.
    • Aura Weapon Generation - Learned from Gamoni by observing her morphing energy whip and learning how she did it, he is able to create a blade of violet energy from his hands or arm.
    • Aura Shield Generation - Learned from Gamoni by observing her morphing energy whip and learning how she did it, he is able to create a heater-shaped shield of violet energy from his hands.
  • Bodily-Battle Memory Recovery - For an unexplained reason, he is able to recover battle memories seemingly from WolfMask himself.
    • Battle Memory Recovery Imprinting - From recovering his battle memories from WolfMask, he is able to imprint the skills or abilities pictured in his memories so that he can use them at will.
  • Enhanced Vision - Because he is a Shadowblood, he is able to see objects at an incredibly high distance, and able to detect moving objects at an accurate motion.
    • Night Vision - Because he is a Shadowblood, he can see perfectly in the night, able to locate and position his eyes to anything in the night.
  • Umbrakinesis - Because he is a Shadowblood, he has full control over darkness.
    • Umbrakinetic Immunity - Because he is a Shadowblood, he is immune to darkness.
    • Umbrakinetic Absoprtion - Because he is a Shadowblood, he can absorb darkness.
  • Enhanced Immunity System - Because he is a Shadowblood, he is tolerant, and can withstand toxins or contaminants that would affect humans or other creatures.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor - Because he is a Shadowblood, he has a healing factor. The healing factor is not automated upon instant reaction with pain, so he can use it at will if he desires.


  • Dark Wolf Beam - His variation of WolfMask's Wolf Beam. He fires a black and red-colored Wolf Beam. It was obtained when he recovered the memories of WolfMask using his Wolf Beam, and remembered how to use it through the memory in vision.


  • Photokinesis - Because he is a Shadowblood, he is vulnerable to light, and it can severely weaken him.
  • Piercing Attacks - He can be severely weakened by piercing attacks.
  • Damage Sustain - Simple attacks that cause damage severely weaken him, which gives the opponent a big advantage to defeat him when he's down.

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