Used by
Jay's Wing
ZSG, Inferno DesGhidorah, The Crystal Cavalier, Krystalak, Obsidius, Hyper Zbrush Destoroyah
Godzilla 1990s, Godzilla 2007, Birthgoji, IguanaGoji
130 meters
445 meters
Crystal Army

Unleashed SpaceGodzilla is an RP Character used by X Jay's Wing X.


SpaceGodzilla was first discovered when he plotted to destroy the earth in collaboration with other monsters like Megaguirus and Orga. They were thwarted by Godzilla and the others, and he was sucked into his own black hole. He eventually returned with his cataclysmic crystals and two sons, but was stopped by another gojiran, seemingly for good.

However, he has since returned, building an army with his two partners, The Crystal Cavalier and Inferno DesGhidorah. He also allied with ZSG. However, it seems that Spacegodzilla disappeared soon after, his whereabouts unknown as of now.

Actually, he was killed by IguanaGoji.


  • Spacegodzilla is surprisingly strong, able to go into close combat with kaiju like Godzilla 1990's and Godzilla 2007.
  • Spacegodzilla can Levitate himself and can use it to fly at Mach 1.
  • Spacegodzilla can telepathically communicate with other kaiju, and can even mind control weak-willed individuals.
  • Spacegodzilla can fire off a Corona Beam from his maw, which deals good damage and can knock opponents back.
  • Spacegodzilla can manipulate crystals for a large variety of uses. He can create Power Surge crystals that increase his and other Spacegojis' power and corrupt other kaijus' minds, can create a crystal fortress that drastically increases his power, or create Crystal Golems, expendable kaiju-sized soldiers that can be used in large numbers.
  • Spacegodzilla can create a crystal shield that deflects energy beams back at opponents.
  • Spacegodzilla can turn into his flying form at will, which gives him flight at Mach 4.
  • Spacegodzilla can regenerate at an above-average speed.
  • SpaceGodzilla can conduct energy through touch.
  • SpaceGodzilla is able to implant cosmic power in structures that can transmit a signal and have them act as an energy source.
  • Spacegodzilla can fire energy bolts from his shoulder crystals.
  • Spacegodzilla emits an aura which causes electrical disturbances.
  • Spacegodzilla can create a Gravity Tornado to throw others.


  • If his shoulder crystals are broken, Spacegodzilla will lose a good chunk of his energy.
  • Without his Crystal Fortress, Spacegodzilla will lose a considerable amount of power.