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Highness Duke Org Ura
Highness Duke Org Ura
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Shuten, Rasetsu, Orgettes
Unknown (possibly 3000 years old)
8 ft. (Normal), 110 meters (Giant)
None (Normal), 160 meters (Giant)
Ogre Tribe Org
"I' am not beaten so easily! YA-HA-HA-HA!-HA!" „ 

— Ura taunting IguanaGoji.

Ura is a nose/ear themed Highness Duke Org and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Ura is the most cunning and trickiest of the Highness Duke Orgs, as well as the most unpredictable. He is very effeminate and is obsessed with collecting beautiful items. He is very joyful going into battle as he loves to fight, treating it like a game, and he hates missing them out. Despite this, he is very careful of himself and is somewhat of neat-freak, as he extremely hates it when anybody scratches or even dares try to harm his purple gem on his chest. 


Ura along with his comrades Shuten and Rasetsu were reawakened from their slumber by a group of not-so-bright thieves who attempted to raid their base. After finishing off the thieves, the newly awakened Orgs got up and vowed to reclaim the fallen side's former glory. He was very enthusiastic about about going out and traveling to wreak havoc once more.

Later, the three Highness Duke Orgs, managed to run into IguanaGoji and another kaiju in the middle of their brawl. Rasetsu ordered Ura to combat the Gojiran and Ura gladly did so. The fight was brief, but Rasetsu said that it was merely all a test to show if they we're still strong as they we're before. On that same day, the three Orgs then ran into some Shadowblood bandits and a warrior named Kisuke. Ura held off the bandits, while Shuten fought off Kisuke. However, Obsidian arrived to takeover the village as their own. Feeling defeated, the Orgs left.

Ura went to fight against IguanaGoji again, however this time was not a test as Ura wanted to actually fight IguanaGoji, saying that they had "unfinished business". However, Ura was ultimately defeated by IguanaGoji, and Ura retreated, enraged that he had gotten his purple gem messed up.

As of late, the current whereabouts of the Orgs, including Ura are unknown.


  • Ura has a fan which he can use to deflect his enemies attack and reflect them back.
  • Ura can fire lightning from the purple gem on his chest.
  • Ura has retractable claws, which he can use to slash at his enemies.
  • Ura can separate his molecules before he is attacked and can reform.
  • Ura can transform into his Ultimate Form Ura.


  • Ura does not like his purple gem getting damaged or harmed in any way.
  • Ura is offended easily.


"I like gravy!" „ 

— Ura being random.


— Ura enraged because IguanaGoji slashed his purple gem.

"Bad show..." „ 

— Ura after getting defeated by IguanaGoji for the first time.


  • Though his full name is "Highness Duke Org Ura", for simplicity's sake, he's always referred to as "Ura" on RP.

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