The UrufuDriver is the unique transformation device or transformation trinket that the Shadowblood WolfMask uses in order to access his Cores forms, techniques, and vehicles. Granting him extraordinary powers to assist him in his goals. The trinket itself, is powered by dark matter, the essence of darkness.


The UrufuDriver was a legendary device formed around thousands of years ago, used by various predecessors to WolfMask, including his mentor who lent him the trinket. It has been majorly improved years after years, trying to best the previous, but with all respect, living up to the original and the UrufuDriver's tradition. It's unknown how the Slide Changer and the first card was made to create the UrufuDriver, as it is assumed a certain being, human or not had created them.

General Functionality

The UrufuDriver belt is a materialization-style transformation trinket. For the belt itself to be accessed, the user must have the card required for accessibility: "Belt Summon" and the slide-in trinket for summoning, the SlideChanger. Once the card is slid into the SlideChanger, both the card and the device will glow and fuse, voicing, "BELT SUMMON - COMPLETE" before materializing the UrufuDriver belt for the user to acquire on their waist.

The belt has two switches - the pad switcher for Cores, techniques and vehicles, and the tantō switcher. The belt has two fairly large card decks on the left and right of the belt for the user to insert their cards in them. In the center of it is the wolf emblem, where the dark matter is primarily located deep within (Wolf emblem is the emblem pictured above). Then follows the wheel, which is around the wolf emblem, usually associated with summoning or materializing an item before it is successfully shown. The belt itself is in a black-gray color with a flaming design all over it, but mostly on the wheel.


Cores/Forms Functionality

Armor Default

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Legend Warrior Cores

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  • It is speculated that the predecessors of the UrufuDriver were not all followed the way of the wolf's style, and that it may have been interpreted as others, such as a fox, bird, coyote, squid, and so forth. Meaning that it can adjust what they stand for when they first use the belt.