Vacuum Goliath
Vacuum Goliath
Used by
Kamen Rider Phantom, Humans
Vacuum Monster
7 ft. 2 in.
Now that I'm free, I'm here to clean up all the filth---CLEAN UP THE FILTH THAT IS YOU PEOPLE! AH HA HA! „ 

— Vacuum Goliath

Vacuum Goliath (真空ゴリアート, Shinkū Goriāto) is a vacuum kaijin and a RP character conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Vacuum Goliath is a fierce, harsh, arrogant and ferocious vacuum-monster that refers humans as "filth" that he wants to clean up after as he and to get rid of.


Debut and Death: Clash in Tokyo: The Undead Hero Arrives

Vacuum Goliath was created when a streak of mysterious lightning striked down a vacuum in a shop in Tokyo, causing fog and smoke to occur all around the area in the store. Once the smoke cleared, Vacuum Goliath stood up, ready to wreak havoc.

People screamed in the store as Vacuum Goliath started his rampage. Vacuum Goliath's attack was intervened by a new, undead hero known as Soyuma Takujii, also known as "Kamen Rider Phantom". Vacuum Goliath took notice of the Rider, and began to assault him, thinking he was just a mere nuisance.

Vacuum Goliath fired a Null Ray beam from his eye at Kamen Rider Phantom, causing a minor explosion. Kamen Rider Phantom leaped out of the way of the explosion and fired a projectile from his Phantom gun at Vacuum Goliath, hitting Vaccum Goliath. Vacuum Goliath then fought back by firing electricity out from his plugma gun at Kamen Rider Phantom.

Kamen Rider Phantom rolled out of the way again, leaping up and slashing at Vacuum Goliath with his Phantom Sabre. Furious, Vacuum Goliath decided to suck in some rocks into his vacuum gun as ammo and opened fire at Kamen Rider Phantom. Kamen Rider Phantom was then hit, sent across against the store shelves. Vacuum Goliath then ran into the city, continuing his rampage. As he was about to harm a group of civilians though, Kamen Rider Phantom returned to stop him. Kamen Rider Phantom then kicked at Vacuum Goliath, sending him against the ground. Vacuum Goliath then got back up, enraged at that Kamen Rider Phantom had messed up his attack.

Vacuum Goliath then fires his Null Ray at Kamen Rider Phantom once again, however this time Kamen Rider Phantom sliced the beam in half with his Phantom Sabre. Kamen Rider Phantom then fired out rays from his gun at Vacuum Goliath again. Kamen Rider Phantom then punched Vacuum Goliath in the chest at full force. Kamen Rider Phantom the leaped up and slashed Vacuum Goliath's vacuum gun off. Enraged even further, Vacuum Goliath then fired a powerful blast of electricity from his plugma gun at Kamen Rider Phantom, badly shocking Kamen Rider Phantom. Kamen Rider Phantom then leaped up and punched Vacuum Goliath on the hand, avoiding the electricity.

Kamen Rider Phantom then had enough. Kamen Rider Phantom then put his hands into the Ghost Cube, pulling it in once, before spinning it. As the Ghost Cube was then charged with enough energy, Kamen Rider Phantom then used his finisher attack; Phantom Kick against Vacuum Goliath, rocketing him down at high speeds, finishing off Vacuum Goliath. Vacuum Goliath then began to combust and spark, before finally exploding, killing Vacuum Goliath and ending his reign of terror.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Plugma Gun: Vacuum Goliath can fire out a strong beam of electricity from his left hand that resembles a a plug.
  • Vacuum Gun: Vacuum Goliath can suck in or suck out anything from his vacuum hand. He can suck up objects such as rocks and then later use them again to shoot them out as enemy projectiles.
  • Null Ray: Vacuum Goliath can fire a yellow-hued beam from his eye.


  • Vacuum Goliath originates from an old monster sketch Gallibon the Destroyer made back in 2008. Back then he was imply known as "Vacuum". He went through no design changes in becoming Vacuum Goliath.
  • Vacuum Goliath's original name was going to be "Vacuum King" but it was then changed to Vacuum Goliath instead, as Gallibon the Destroyer liked the name better.

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