Used by
Jay's Wing
Zilla 2007
Vortaak Godzilla 2000, Neo Varan, MechaGodzilla 2007
50 meters
75 meters
Earth Defenders, The Geonosians (Temporarily)
Pipeworks Kaiju

Varan 2007 (also known as Unleashed Varan or just Varan) is a flying kaiju and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Varan doesn't speak, since he's a bestial kaiju, but he still has some personality. Being an earth defender, Varan will do what he can to protect the world. Unlike most, however, Varan usually only protects areas on the shore, since he came from the water.


Varan was living on Monster Island when the crystals rained down in 2007. Varan uniquely disappeared until the Vortaak Mothership crashed in San Francisco, at which time he assaulted it from the inside. However, MechaGodzilla 2007 found, battled, and defeated Varan inside the Mothership, leaving him for dead.

Varan soon recovered, however, and turned to Sydney, Australia for his next attack. There he found MechaG under the influence of power crystals, and Jet Jaguar 2007 trying to combat him. Varan found another solution and destroyed the power surge crystals, getting rid of the source of the Mecha's power.

Eventually, 9 years afterwards, aliens found Varan and put him under their control. They then sent him to Lima, Peru to conquer it. Although the to met resistance from the Vortaak's Godzilla and Neo Varan, they were able to successfully conquer the city after a tough battle with them.


  • Teeth, claws, etc.
  • Trained in kaiju martial arts apparently
  • Can glide at Mach 1
  • Can shoot a purple sonic beam from mouth

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