Space Monster Wangmagwi
Used by
Garbage Monster, Armor Jack, Blues Megalon, Jazz Gigan, Pulgasari, Yongary
Gold Satan, Rudongo, Rarigonika, Kunin, Rozan, TripGoji, ReignKama
Space Creature
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?? meters
Viledrodes (temporarily)
Alien Kaiju

Wangmagwi (왕마귀 Wangmagwi) is a space monster and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Wangmagwi is an utter awkward klutz, is prone to screwing up and is a goofball. He tries to be a threatening villain, but this does not always go as planned. Despite this, he is rather mild-mannered and humble. He also has a crush on Gamoni, but he's too shy to admit it.



Wangmagwi first appeared on Earth where he was sent by some unknown aliens to attack Seoul, South Korea. He was eventually chased out and defeated however and was sent hurdling into space. At some point in time before this, he met Gamoni and fell in love with her and tried to get her attention, but his attempts failed, so she never noticed him.

Debut: Our Man Wangmagwi 

Wangmagwi reappeared on Earth after floating in space for 49 years. He met up with Xendrax and Camero, as well as Pulgasari and Yongarry 1999. He explained to Xendrax that he returned to get revenge on the humans for getting rid of him back in 1969 and for losing his movie. Xendrax and Camero then took him, Yongarry 1999 and Pulgasari into the main Viledrode ship the Maelstrom. There he met Emperor Tazarus and thought up of a plan to kidnap Rozan and TripGoji, damage Macau and get glory and good cash (though this wall actually his way to get Gamoni's attention). Emperor Tazarus was about to say the idea was dumb, but he actually found it interesting; so he let Wangmagwi act out his plan.

As Wangmagwi found Kunin, Rozan and TripGoji though, his plan quickly came apart. ReignKama put up a good fight against him, Kunin was already asleep and TripGoji (and possibly Rozan) did not find him menacing. Enraged, Wangmagwi tried to take out his anger on them all, but he was beaten by ReignKama. When all of them were teleported to Maucu, Wangmagwi attempted to strike again once more, but he was defeated by ReignKama's sonic scream attack and TripGoji's PDCR! Atomic Breath. After he was hit by the attacks, he surrendered and begged to be beaten up some more. TripGoji refused and let Wangmagwi be though, as he felt bad for him.

Wangmagwi was then immediately beamed up back onto the Maelstrom, where Emperor Tazarus lay unimpressed with Wangmagwi. Emperor Tazarus pointed out that he (Wangmagwi) failed to harm the Space Gojrans like he said he would and didn't even damage the city in the slightest, so Emperor Tazarus kicked Wangmagwi out, though he did take pity on him.

Wangmagwi was then ejected into space, where he found himself floating in space again. However, he claimed that he would return soon.

Arrival on Heck

After spending a lengthy amount of time in space, Wangmagwi made a short appearance where he landed on the planet Heck. Overjoyed, he began to kiss the ground, but then spit it out, as the ground was very sandy. Then Antguirus came up and chased him away in an odd pursuit.

Awaken the Giant(s) Pt. 1

Wangmagwi made another brief appearance during the battle on Heck where he and Antguirus while in the midst of their chase, stopped as they were in the middle of a fight between Biker Jet Jaguar, TripGoji, Blues Megalon and Jazz Gigan fighting off against a horde of Narutons. Wangmagwi thought the fight looked cool, but was savvy enough to know that he couldn't join or else he'd get clobbered, which Antguirus agreed with. Before he and Antguirus could run away though, the two were hit by a stray boulder and then both knocked out unconscious.

To Heck with Wangmagwi

Later on, Wangmawgi hid on the planet Heck some more to lay low. Wangmagiw hid in a space trash can for a while in order to avoid the Narutons. After getting run over by Gebagoro's car, Wangamagwi was then sent flying towards Garbage Monster's group. Garbage Monster was suspicious of him though.

Blues Megalon suggested his way of interrogation against Wangmagwi; which was essentially beating up on the guy. Garbage Monster did not find this to be a good idea though and commanded Blues Megalon to let Wangmagwi go. After some interrogation, it was made clear that Wangmagwi was definitely not a spy sent from Inconnu; but was undoubtedly a strange fellow.

Then form all of a sudden; a large pack of Narutons then intervened with their meeting and attacked, these Narutons armed with spears and knives. A swarm of Bagorahs also appeared however, and combated against the Narutons. killing both groups in doves. Garbage Monster was somewhat relieved at first; as now with the two groups against each other, this would give them enough time to escape. However; Garbage Monster was wrong...there from the skies, a giant demonic alien insect monster then dropped down from above to wreak havoc; it was Gold Satan. Garbage Monster and his group then prepared themselves.

After fighting against Rarigonika some more, but was getting beaten badly up until the teamed up with Blues Megalon to take him down. After that, Gold Satan fled and Garbage Monster's group was victorious.

Oh Clique! The Reptil Rises

Wangamagwi partook in the fight against the Ultra Clicque monsters, where he mainly fought against Clique Telesdon; whom he had some troubles fighting against. After Clique Telesdon retreated, Wangmagwi then helped the rest of Garbage Monster's gang fight against EX Clique Natsunomeryu, but ended up being blown away and being knocked out unconscious after EX Clique Natsunomeryu was destroyed.

Heck's Last Battle!

Wangmagwi went along with the rest of Garbage Monster's group and later stumbled across a strange base that would get them back to Earth. However, the group was then intercepted by the demon warrior Denomon. Armor Jack and Wangmagwi attempted to fight him off, but Denomon torched the two with his flames, sending them back. Armor Jack along with the other members of Garbage Monster's group was then ordered by Garbage Monster himself to retreat right away and get inside the spaceship so that they could go home faster, as Garbage Monster said that he, Caelum and Tank Reptil would take care of Denomon.

Wangmagwi then escaped Heck onboard the spaceship (along with the other members of Garbage Monster's group) successfully and then flew aways, heading back to Earth.


  • Super Strength: Though Wangmagwi isn't actually that strong, he is still a capable threat.
  • Concussion Beam: Wangmagwi can blast out a red concussive laser beam from his forehead.
  • Flame Liquid: Wangmagwi can shoot out a stream of flammable liquid from the his forehead and is capable of igniting fires.


  • Embarrassing Name: Wangmagwi hates being called "Wang".
  • Intense Frequency Noises: Wangmagwi cannot stand intense sounds/noises.


  • Wangmawgi's line about "he hates the fact his movie is not publicly available" is a reference to the fact his movie is indeed somewhat of a lost film.
  • Wangmagwi is the monster with the shortest tenure with the Viledrodes (so far), only lasting a day with them.
  • His name roughly translates to "King Devil" in Korean, due to "wang" meaning "king" and "magwi" meaning "devil" or "warlock".
  • He appears to be based off the Creature from the Black Lagoon in terms of design, both being somewhat scaly and vaguely humanoid bodies.

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