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WarMask is a Shadowblood God, an ancient class of Shadowbloods that exceed the Elite Shadowbloods, thought of to be legends and myths across Shadowblood lore. He is the Shadowblood God of War.


WarMask, his original name unknown, was born as an Elite Shadowblood, and was one of the soldiers in the Shadowbloods' ancient army forces, which were their strongest military forces millions of years ago. He slowly became one of the strongest, and eventually the strongest Shadowblood in the entire army at the time, trumping all of his comrades and his opponents. He was even stronger than the Shadowblood Emperor, who are supposed to be the strongest Shadowbloods alive. This was in secret, however.

His power became so great that he had eventually reached godhood, first becoming a demigod, and finally a full god of the Shadowbloods, becoming the Shadowblood God of War and becoming one of the first Shadowblood gods. His power was considered insurmountable when he became a god, as Shadowblood folk claim that when he became a god, he required only a single attack to take down the strongest of opponents.

His power was proven too great and was believed to be a threat to the Shadowblood race that he became sealed along with other gods, becoming a statue in a collection of other sealed gods. He is currently still sealed.


As a god, he is very wise. But since he is the Shadowbloods' God of War, he is also the angriest. He will not hesitate to hurt anyone if he is angry even at the slightest angle. He's somewhat rude to others, mostly if they are weaker than him. He also boasts of his strength, describing how he used it while he was in the Shadowblood army millions of years ago. He has the responsibility to have students, and is even willing to make them gods himself through intense training, if they meet all of his standards and his pupil or pupils are worthy enough to become gods.


Power Grid


Exceeds 50


Exceeds 50


Exceeds 50


Exceeds 50

Energy Skills

Exceeds 50

Fighting Skills

Exceeds 50


Exceeds 50

  • Wields godly/divine strength; his most powerful ability.
  • Wields godly/divine speed.
  • Master of martial arts.
  • Master of armed and unarmed combat.
  • War manipulation - Due to being the Shadowbloods' God of War, he can create war and chaos between Shadowbloods and others, and can make it spread infinitely.
  • Geo-thermokinesis - WarMask can create molten rock, with extreme levels of heat in them.
  • Flight.

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