Weird Marukobukarappa
Used by
Jay's Wing
Augmented Garasharp
Garoga Spider, Garoga Gorilla
666 years
70 meters
100 meters
The Geonosians
Scrapped Gamera Kaiju

Weird Marukobukarappa is a strange mutated crab or mushroom-like creature/alien controlled by the Geonosians and a role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Weird Marukobukarappa has a very strange personality for a very strange kaiju. He will often switch sides in a battle and constantly switch alignments. As such, he could be protecting a city one second and destroying it the next. When he's not spouting complete nonsensical phrases, Weird Marukobukarappa will say non-existant words like "meep" and "noot". Weird Marukobukarappa, in general, is a complete wild card.


Weird Marukobukarappa was a strange alien-kaiju captured and taken control of by the Geonosians. However, he wasn't immediately sent out. Instead, he was one of the few experimented on to increase his power for weeks. The chemicals infused into Weird Marukobukarappa changed his personality into something completely unstable. Eventually, he was sent out in a test battle with another augmented kaiju against Garoga Spider and Garoga Gorilla. The two augmented kaiju easily defeated and nearly killed the two aliens, proving their worth. The Geonosians quickly prepared the two for their next city attack.


  • Weird Marukobukarappa can fire blue energy orbs from his eyes. These do a good amount of damage, but float to the enemy ridiculously slowly, making it easy to dodge.
  • Weird Marukobukarappa can shoot explosive worms from his beak. The worms do good damage and move fast, and can wrap around their victim before exploding.
  • Weird Marukobukarappa an turn his arms into wings and fly at Mach 1.337.
  • The mushrooms on Weird Marukobukarappa's body can spray out noxious fumes and smoke. Combined with his speed, this can make Weird Marukobukarappa seemingly disappear.
  • Weird Marukobukarappa can jump extremely high and extremely far in one leap.
  • Weird Marukobukarappa is trained in martial arts, for some reason.
  • Weird Marukobukarappa can shoot out the mushrooms on his body that explode. Because of the mushrooms' stickyness, he can use the explosive mushrooms as either sticky grenades or land mines.
  • Weird Marukobukarappa can fire a rainbow beam from his beak. This beam does moderate damage, but disorients enemies and causes their vision to become blurry and rainbow-colored.
  • Weird Marukobukarappa can swim at speeds of up to 420 knots.


  • Logic


  • Weird Marukobukarappa's wild card nature was made up on the fly as Fr0stfur made his page.

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